Walter Smith Manager(s) John Lambie man-john-lambie.jpg born in Scotland 54y, 2m, 11d
mh-in.png Callum Milne; Gregg Watson; Grant Tierney; Rod McDonald
mh-out.png Stevie Pittman; Albert Craig; Roddy Grant; Chic Charnley
Craig Moore (0-1, 45 mins) mh-goal.png Alex Taylor (1-1, 87 mins)
Gordon Durie (Paul McKnight, 52 mins); Ally Maxwell (Andy Goram, 79 mins) mh-subs.png Tom Smith (Stuart Ayton, 62 mins); Callum Milne (Roddy Grant, 74 mins)
mh-sub-off.png Ally Maxwell mh-01.png Nicky Walker nicky-walker.jpg Scotland 32y, 7m, 14d
Neil Caldwell mh-02.png Callum Milne sub-off.png callum-milne.jpg Scotland 29y, 8m, 16d
Alec Cleland mh-03.png Alan Dinnie alan-dinnie.jpg Scotland 31y, 11m, 29d
Craig Moore mh-04.png Gregg Watson gregg-watson.jpg Scotland 24y, 7m, 22d
Alan McLaren mh-05.png Grant Tierney grant-tierney.jpg Scotland 33y, 7m, 2d
Alexei Mikhailichenko mh-06.png Steve Welsh steve-welsh.jpg Scotland 27y, 0m, 24d
Trevor Steven mh-07.png Rod McDonald rod-mcdonald.jpg England 28y, 1m, 23d
mh-sub-off.png Gordon Durie mh-08.png Tom Smith sub-off.png tom-smith.jpg Scotland 21y, 7m, 1d
Ian Durrant mh-09.png Wayne Foster wayne-foster.jpg England 31y, 8m, 2d
Mark Hateley mh-10.png Ian Cameron [i] ian-cameron-i.jpg Scotland 28y, 8m, 19d
Brian Laudrup mh-11.png Alex Taylor alex-taylor.jpg Scotland 32y, 11m, 0d
Age 29y, 3m, 30d
mh-sub-on.png Andy Goram mh-12g.png Mark Cairns mark-cairns.jpg Scotland 25y, 7m, 18d
mh-sub-on.png Paul McKnight mh-13.png Stuart Ayton sub-on.png stuart-ayton.jpg Scotland 19y, 6m, 24d
future Jag Iain Nicolson mh-14.png Roddy Grant sub-on.png roddy-grant.jpg England 28y, 7m, 27d

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