In James Crozier
Out Edward Conway
Whyte (0-1, 1st half); Lyons (0-2, 1st half); Whyte (0-3, 1st half); McNulty (1-4, 2nd half); ? (3-5, 2nd half) Scorer(s) Paterson (1-3, og 2nd half); ? (2-4, 2nd half); Lyons (3-4, og 2nd half); ? (4-5, og 85 mins)
Sending Off(s)
Forsyth Goalkeeper James Crozier james-crozier.jpg Scotland
Paterson no. 2 Robert Ferguson robert-ferguson.jpg Scotland
Ferguson no. 3 Abe Morrison abe-morrison.jpg Scotland 20y, 7m, 20d
Todd no. 4 David Proudfoot david-proudfoot.jpg Scotland 23y, 6m, 11d
Leckie no. 5 Paddy Gray paddy-gray.jpg Scotland 22y, 10m, 8d
Lyons no. 6 Robert Little mh-ptfc-player.jpg Scotland
Ross no. 7 John Proudfoot john-proudfoot.jpg Scotland 21y, 7m, 15d
Millar no. 8 Robert Currie robert-currie.jpg Scotland
McNulty no. 9 Willie Paul willie-paul.jpg Scotland 29y, 8m, 5d
Whyte no. 10 John Wilkie john-wilkie.jpg Scotland 19y, 1m, 27d
Ferguson no. 11 John Campbell john-campbell.jpg Scotland 18y, 0m, 10d
Age 22y, 2m, 18d

teamline notes
  • Teamlines per AA.
  • OH has Edward Conway in goals for Thistle, and has no.'s 4 & 5 the other way around.
  • Ross, of Alloa, is listed in inverted commas.
dubious goals panel
  • OH lists Willie Paul (1), Robert Currie (1) and John Campbell (2) as being scorers for Thistle. Neither GH or SC name any Thistle scorers. AA is very specific and describes Thistle's 4 goals thus: ("Paterson misjudged it [a strong shot] and guided the ball past Forsyth"); ("a wild shot going through unchallenged"); ("Lyons sent through accidentally, trying to head the ball out"); ("one of the Alloa team bungling play and scoring a fourth point for the Thistle"). In the circumstances, we feel we have no choice but to accept the AA account. With regards to Alloa's goals, the GH says Whyte / Lyon for the 2nd and 3rd, wheras the AA says the sequence was Lyon / Whyte. There is also a discrepancy between the papers with the second half goals sequence. We have gone with the AA for all of our goals data.
attendance notes
  • 2000 (OH)

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