Every Known Hat-Trick
Every Known Hat-Trick
compiled from our All Games criteria
# mh-match-category.png partick-thistle-jersey.png goal.png
288 Sat-06-Jul-2024 Glenafton Athletic [a] W4-2 (Friendly) Brian Graham goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
287 Wed-21-Jan-2015 Hamilton Academical [h] W5-0 (SPFL Premiership - game 21) Kris Doolan goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
286 Sat-02-Mar-2013 Dunfermline Athletic [a] W4-0 (SFL First Division - game 24) Steven Craig goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
285 Sat-21-Apr-2012 Dundee [a] W3-0 (SFL First Division - game 34) Paul Cairney goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
284 Sat-18-Nov-2006 Hamilton Academical [h] W3-1 (SFL First Division - game 13) Mark Roberts goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
283 Sat-17-Jul-2004 Royal Highland Fusiliers [a] W18-0 (Friendly) John Gemmell goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
282 Sat-17-Jul-2004 Royal Highland Fusiliers [a] W18-0 (Friendly) Matthew Shields goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
281 Sat-17-Jul-2004 Royal Highland Fusiliers [a] W18-0 (Friendly) Ritchie Pacquette goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
280 Thu-15-Jul-2004 Royal Highland Fusiliers [a] W9-0 (Friendly) Ritchie Pacquette goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
279 Sat-30-Nov-2002 Kilmarnock [h] W3-0 (Scottish Premier League - game 17) Alex Burns goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
278 Sat-31-Mar-2001 Stirling Albion [a] W3-0 (SFL Second Division - game 31) Peter Lindau goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
277 Sat-02-Jan-1999 Cowdenbeath [h] W5-2 (Scottish Cup 2nd Round) Paul Tosh goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
276 Sat-12-Oct-1996 East Fife [h] W6-0 (SFL First Division - game 9) Gareth Evans goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
275 Tue-16-Aug-1994 Brechin City [h] W5-0 (League Cup 2nd Round) Chic Charnley goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
274 Sat-02-Oct-1993 St Johnstone [h] W4-1 (SFL Premier Division - game 9) Roddy Grant goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
273 Wed-11-Aug-1993 Albion Rovers [a] W11-1 (League Cup 2nd Round) Ian Cameron [i] goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
272 Sat-24-Jul-1993 Ballyclare Commrades [a] W8-3 (Friendly) Gerry Britton goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
271 Sat-29-Aug-1992 Dundee [h] W6-3 (SFL Premier Division - game 6) George Shaw goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
270 Sat-14-Sep-1991 Raith Rovers [h] W5-0 (SFL First Division - game 7) Ray Farningham goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
269 Sat-05-Jan-1991 Kilmarnock [a] W3-2 (SFL First Division - game 20) Calum Campbell goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
268 Sat-01-Dec-1990 Forfar Athletic [h] W3-2 (SFL First Division - game 17) David Elliot goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
267 Tue-07-Aug-1990 Tarff Rovers [a] W10-1 (Friendly) Johnny Flood goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
266 Fri-03-Aug-1990 Lewis Select [a] W4-0 (Friendly) Chic Charnley goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
265 Sat-30-Dec-1989 Albion Rovers [a] L4-5 (SFL First Division - game 21) Johnny Flood goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
264 Sat-02-Sep-1989 Forfar Athletic [a] W3-0 (SFL First Division - game 4) Chic Charnley goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
263 Sat-19-Aug-1989 Albion Rovers [h] W4-0 (SFL First Division - game 2) Gerry McCoy goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
262 Tue-14-Feb-1989 Ayr United [h] W4-1 (SFL First Division - game 27) Gerry McCoy goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
261 Sat-27-Feb-1988 Clydebank [h] W3-0 (SFL First Division - game 34) Willie McGuire goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
260 Sat-26-Dec-1987 East Fife [h] W4-2 (SFL First Division - game 27) Billy Dodds goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
259 Sat-02-Mar-1985 St Johnstone [h] W6-2 (SFL First Division - game 29) Kenny Watson goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
258 Sat-13-Aug-1983 Hawick Royal Albert [a] W8-0 (Friendly) Jim Docherty goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
257 Sat-13-Aug-1983 Hawick Royal Albert [a] W8-0 (Friendly) Kenny McDowall goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
256 Sat-16-Apr-1983 Falkirk [h] W4-2 (SFL First Division - game 35) Maurice Johnston goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
255 Mon-28-Feb-1983 Clyde [a] W6-0 (Scottish Cup 4th Round replay) Maurice Johnston goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
254 Tue-28-Jul-1981 Fort William [a] W11-1 (Friendly) Donald Park goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
253 Tue-28-Jul-1981 Fort William [a] W11-1 (Friendly) Kenny Watson goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
252 Thu-19-Jul-1979 Scotia Olympics [a] W6-0 (Gathering of the Clans Tournament - game 1) Colin McAdam goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
251 Wed-25-Apr-1979 Hibernian [h] W6-1 (SFL Premier Division - game 30) Jim Melrose goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
250 Wed-02-Aug-1978 Lossiemouth [a] W3-0 (Friendly) Jim Melrose goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
249 Sat-24-Dec-1977 Ayr United [h] W4-1 (SFL Premier Division - game 18) Alex O'Hara goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
248 Wed-03-Aug-1977 Caledonian [a] W6-1 (Friendly) Jim Melrose goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
247 Wed-20-Apr-1977 Kilmarnock [a] W3-1 (SFL Premier Division - game 34) Jim Melrose goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
246 Sat-03-Apr-1976 Forfar Athletic [h] W4-2 (Spring Cup Section 3 - game 5) Dougie Somner goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
245 Sat-28-Feb-1976 Montrose [h] W4-1 (SFL First Division - game 26) Dougie Somner goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
244 Sat-20-Dec-1975 Airdrieonians [a] W4-2 (SFL First Division - game 17) Joe Craig goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
243 Sat-15-Nov-1975 East Fife [h] W5-0 (SFL First Division - game 12) Dougie Somner goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
242 Fri-01-Aug-1975 Caledonian [a] W5-1 (Friendly) Dougie Somner goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
241 Mon-28-Jul-1975 Nairn County [a] W4-0 (Friendly) Dougie Somner goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
240 Sat-11-Jan-1975 Morton [h] W3-1 (SFL First Division - game 21) Dougie Somner goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
239 Sat-28-Sep-1974 Heart of Midlothian [h] W4-1 (SFL First Division - game 5) Denis McQuade goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
238 Sun-27-Jan-1974 Ferranti Thistle [h] W6-1 (Scottish Cup 3rd Round) Ronnie Glavin goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
237 Thu-20-Jul-1972 Västerhaninge IF [a] W11-1 (July Cup Group 2 - game 3) Charlie Smith goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
236 Thu-20-Jul-1972 Västerhaninge IF [a] W11-1 (July Cup Group 2 - game 3) Jim Mullin goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
235 Sat-06-Nov-1971 Dundee United [h] W3-1 (SFL First Division - game 10) Denis McQuade goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
234 Sun-16-May-1971 SK Ulf [a] W8-0 (Friendly) Jimmy Bone goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
233 Sat-15-May-1971 SK Vard [a] W4-0 (Friendly) Jimmy Bone goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
232 Mon-03-May-1971 Ross County [a] W6-0 (Friendly) Ronnie Glavin goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
231 Sat-30-Jan-1971 East Fife [h] W4-0 (SFL Second Division - game 22) Jimmy Bone goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
230 Sat-12-Sep-1970 East Stirlingshire [h] W5-0 (SFL Second Division - game 3) Jimmy Bone goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
229 Sat-01-Mar-1969 Heart of Midlothian [h] W5-1 (SFL First Division - game 25) Jimmy Bone goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
228 Sat-22-Jan-1966 Dundee United [h] W4-1 (SFL First Division - game 18) Andy Roxburgh goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
227 Sat-03-Apr-1965 Airdrieonians [a] W5-0 (SFL First Division - game 30) Tommy Ewing goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
226 Wed-10-Feb-1965 Ayr United [h] W7-1 (Scottish Cup 1st Round replay) Tommy Ewing goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
225 Fri-27-Mar-1964 Falkirk [h] W4-1 (SFL First Division - game 31) Billy Cunningham goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
224 Sat-07-Dec-1963 Queen of the South [h] W6-1 (SFL First Division - game 15) Ernie Yard goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
223 Sat-30-Mar-1963 Third Lanark [h] W3-1 (SFL First Division - game 23) Neil Duffy goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
222 Sat-23-Dec-1961 Dundee United [a] W5-3 (SFL First Division - game 16) Tommy Ewing goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
221 Sat-18-Nov-1961 St Mirren [a] W3-1 (SFL First Division - game 12) Joe McBride goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
220 Thu-30-Mar-1961 East Stirlingshire [a] W7-1 (Friendly) Joe McBride goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
219 Thu-30-Mar-1961 East Stirlingshire [a] W7-1 (Friendly) Neil Duffy goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
218 Sat-01-Oct-1960 Hibernian [h] W3-1 (SFL First Division - game 5) Davie McParland goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
217 Sat-23-Apr-1960 St Mirren [a] W4-2 (SFL First Division - game 33) Davie McParland goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
216 Tue-12-Apr-1960 Celtic [a] W4-2 (SFL First Division - game 31) George Smith goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
215 Wed-17-Feb-1960 Dundee United [h] W4-1 (Scottish Cup 2nd Round replay) George Smith goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
214 Sat-07-Nov-1959 Heart of Midlothian [a] L3-5 (SFL First Division - game 11) George Smith goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
213 Thu-01-Jan-1959 Clyde [a] W3-0 (SFL First Division - game 19) Ian Wilson goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
212 Sat-27-Dec-1958 Motherwell [h] W4-0 (SFL First Division - game 18) Andy Kerr goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
211 Wed-13-Aug-1958 Queen of the South [h] W5-1 (League Cup Section 3 - game 2) Andy Kerr goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
210 Sat-28-Dec-1957 East Fife [h] W5-1 (SFL First Division - game 17) Alex Wright goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
209 Sat-05-May-1956 Elgin City [a] W4-1 (Friendly) Willie Crawford goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
208 Thu-03-May-1956 Nairn County [a] W6-3 (Friendly) Jimmy Mallon goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
207 Wed-25-Apr-1956 Queen of the South [h] W9-1 (SFL First Division - game 32) Willie Sharp goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
206 Sat-17-Mar-1956 Stirling Albion [h] W6-1 (SFL First Division - game 24) Willie Sharp goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
205 Sat-04-Sep-1954 Stirling Albion [h] W9-1 (League Cup Division A, Section C - game 6) George Smith goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
204 Wed-31-Mar-1954 Airdrieonians [a] W6-3 (SFL Division A - game 26) Willie Sharp goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
203 Wed-24-Mar-1954 St Mirren [a] W3-1 (SFL Division A - game 24) Willie Sharp goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
202 Sat-13-Feb-1954 Tarff Rovers [a] W9-1 (Scottish Cup 2nd Round) Alex Wright goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
201 Sat-13-Feb-1954 Tarff Rovers [a] W9-1 (Scottish Cup 2nd Round) Willie Sharp goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
200 Sat-02-Jan-1954 Queen of the South [a] W6-2 (SFL Division A - game 16) Willie Sharp goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
199 Sat-12-Dec-1953 Airdrieonians [h] W9-0 (SFL Division A - game 12) Bobby Howitt goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
198 Wed-16-Sep-1953 Kilmarnock [h] W4-0 (League Cup Quarter Final, 2nd leg) Jimmy Walker goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
197 Sat-13-Dec-1952 Hibernian [h] W5-4 (SFL Division A - game 13) Jimmy Walker goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
196 Sat-18-Oct-1952 Raith Rovers [h] W4-1 (SFL Division A - game 6) Alex Stott goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
195 Sat-13-Sep-1952 Falkirk [a] W4-0 (SFL Division A - game 2) Alex Stott goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
194 Wed-13-Aug-1952 Celtic [a] W5-2 (League Cup Division A, Section A - game 2) Alex Stott goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
193 Sat-30-Jun-1951 Deveronvale [a] W9-3 (Friendly) Alex Stott goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
192 Sat-25-Mar-1950 Falkirk [h] W3-1 (SFL Division A - game 26) Jimmy Walker goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
191 Sat-18-Mar-1950 Third Lanark [a] W7-2 (SFL Division A - game 25) Alex Stott goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
190 Sat-10-Dec-1949 Third Lanark [h] W5-1 (SFL Division A - game 13) Hugh Brown goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
189 Sat-19-Nov-1949 St Mirren [h] W4-0 (SFL Division A - game 10) Alex Stott goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
188 Sat-12-Feb-1949 Dundee [h] D4-4 (SFL Division A - game 22) Tommy Wright goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
187 Sat-18-Sep-1948 Queen of the South [h] W9-0 (League Cup Division A, Section C - game 2) Tommy Wright goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
186 Sat-18-Sep-1948 Queen of the South [h] W9-0 (League Cup Division A, Section C - game 2) Willie O'Donnell goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
185 Mon-29-Mar-1948 Caledonian [a] W6-2 (Friendly) Willie O'Donnell goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
184 Sat-11-Oct-1947 Airdrieonians [h] W8-2 (SFL Division A - game 6) Tommy Wright goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
183 Sat-09-Aug-1947 Falkirk [a] W6-5 (League Cup Division A, Section B - game 1) Jimmy Walker goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
182 Fri-23-May-1947 Norway XI [a] W4-0 (Friendly) Jimmy Walker goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
181 Sat-21-Dec-1946 Queen's Park [a] W6-2 (SFL Division A - game 18) Davie Mathie goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
180 Wed-24-Apr-1946 Clachnacuddin [h] W7-1 (Victory Cup 1st Round, 2nd leg) Willie Sharp goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
179 Sat-24-Nov-1945 Hamilton Academical [h] W5-1 (Southern League, Division A - game 16) Willie Sharp goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
178 Sat-15-Apr-1944 Third Lanark [h] W4-2 (Glasgow Charity Cup Quarter Final) John Hammill goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
177 Sat-13-Nov-1943 Third Lanark [h] W6-1 (Southern League - game 13) Willie Newall goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
176 Sat-18-Sep-1943 Albion Rovers [h] W4-0 (Southern League - game 5) Willie Newall goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
175 Sat-14-Aug-1943 Heart of Midlothian [a] W3-2 (Southern League - game 1) Willie Newall goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
174 Sat-13-Feb-1943 Albion Rovers [a] W5-1 (Southern League - game 28) Willie Sharp goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
173 Sat-23-Jan-1943 St Mirren [h] W8-1 (Southern League - game 25) Willie Newall goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
172 Sat-23-Jan-1943 St Mirren [h] W8-1 (Southern League - game 25) Willie Sharp goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
171 Sat-09-Jan-1943 Airdrieonians [a] W5-3 (Southern League - game 23) Willie Sharp goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
170 Sat-14-Mar-1942 Albion Rovers [h] W5-2 (Southern League Cup Section 3 - game 2) Willie Sharp goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
169 Sat-27-Dec-1941 Hamilton Academical [a] W6-3 (Southern League - game 21) Willie Newall goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
168 Sat-20-Dec-1941 Dumbarton [h] W4-3 (Southern League - game 20) Willie Newall goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
167 Sat-22-Nov-1941 Albion Rovers [h] W5-1 (Southern League - game 16) Peter McKennan goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
166 Sat-18-Oct-1941 Third Lanark [h] W7-2 (Southern League - game 11) Alex Gourlay goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
165 Sat-27-Sep-1941 Hamilton Academical [h] W7-0 (Southern League - game 8) Willie Sharp goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
164 Sat-20-Sep-1941 Dumbarton [a] W7-2 (Southern League - game 7) Willie Newall goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
163 Tue-20-May-1941 Clyde [h] W7-5 (Glasgow Charity Cup Quarter Final) Willie Peat goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
162 Sat-29-Mar-1941 Airdrieonians [a] W3-0 (Southern League Cup Section 1 - game 5) Willie Sharp goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
161 Wed-24-Apr-1940 Kilmarnock [h] W5-2 (Regional League, Western Division - game 25) Willie Newall goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
160 Wed-10-Apr-1940 Queen's Park [h] W6-0 (Regional League, Western Division - game 22) Sammy Picken goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
159 Tue-26-Sep-1939 Glasgow Highlanders [h] W11-3 (Friendly) Willie Newall goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
158 Tue-26-Sep-1939 Glasgow Highlanders [h] W11-3 (Friendly) Sammy Picken goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
157 Tue-26-Sep-1939 Glasgow Highlanders [h] W11-3 (Friendly) Willie Sharp goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
156 Tue-28-Mar-1939 Hibernian [h] W4-0 (SFL First Division - game 34) Peter McKennan goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
155 Sat-17-Dec-1938 Falkirk [a] W5-2 (SFL First Division - game 21) John Wallace goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
154 Sat-05-Nov-1938 Motherwell [h] W4-2 (SFL First Division - game 15) John Wallace goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
153 Sat-02-Apr-1938 St Mirren [h] W3-2 (SFL First Division - game 31) John Wallace goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
152 Wed-26-Jan-1938 Stranraer [h] W8-0 (Scottish Cup 1st Round replay) John Wallace goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
151 Sat-04-Dec-1937 Hibernian [h] W4-0 (SFL First Division - game 19) Peter McKennan goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
150 Sat-13-Nov-1937 Ayr United [h] W6-2 (SFL First Division - game 16) Peter McKennan goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
149 Tue-24-Aug-1937 Hamilton Academical [h] W4-3 (SFL First Division - game 3) Peter McKennan goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
148 Sat-06-Feb-1937 Albion Rovers [h] W6-1 (SFL First Division - game 29) Peter McKennan goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
147 Tue-08-Sep-1936 Queen's Park [h] W5-1 (SFL First Division - game 7) Alf Smith goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
146 Sat-12-Oct-1935 Queen's Park [h] W7-0 (SFL First Division - game 12) George Wyllie goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
145 Sat-17-Aug-1935 St Johnstone [h] W3-1 (SFL First Division - game 2) Sandy MacLennan goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
144 Sat-02-Feb-1935 Kilmarnock [h] W4-2 (SFL First Division - game 28) Sandy MacLennan goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
143 Sat-27-Oct-1934 Airdrieonians [h] W4-1 (SFL First Division - game 13) Hunter Lyle goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
142 Sat-14-Apr-1934 Third Lanark [h] W3-0 (SFL First Division - game 36) Sandy MacLennan goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
141 Sat-31-Mar-1934 Cowdenbeath [h] W5-3 (SFL First Division - game 34) Johnny Ballantyne goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
140 Sat-24-Feb-1934 Heart of Midlothian [h] W7-2 (SFL First Division - game 29) Peter Bain goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
139 Sat-24-Feb-1934 Heart of Midlothian [h] W7-2 (SFL First Division - game 29) Sandy MacLennan goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
138 Sat-12-Aug-1933 Hamilton Academical [a] W7-3 (SFL First Division - game 1) George Wyllie goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
137 Sat-01-Apr-1933 East Stirlingshire [a] W7-2 (SFL First Division - game 33) Alex Craigie goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
136 Sat-25-Mar-1933 East Stirlingshire [h] W6-3 (SFL First Division - game 32) Alex Craigie goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
135 Tue-19-Apr-1932 Cornwall County [a] W5-0 (Friendly) John Simpson goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
134 Sat-09-Jan-1932 Dundee United [h] W3-0 (SFL First Division - game 26) Evelyn Morrison goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
133 Sat-26-Sep-1931 Kilmarnock [h] W4-2 (SFL First Division - game 12) Evelyn Morrison goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
132 Tue-02-Jun-1931 Frem [a] W4-1 (Friendly) John Simpson goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
131 Sat-25-Apr-1931 Dundee [h] W4-1 (SFL First Division - game 38) George Wyllie goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
130 Tue-10-Mar-1931 Cowdenbeath [h] W4-1 (SFL First Division - game 31) John Simpson goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
127-129 Sat-17-Jan-1931 Royal Albert [h] W16-0 (Scottish Cup 1st Round) John Simpson goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
126 Sat-11-Oct-1930 Queen's Park [h] W5-1 (SFL First Division - game 10) John Simpson goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
125 Sat-06-Sep-1930 East Fife [h] W8-0 (SFL First Division - game 5) John Simpson goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
124 Thu-29-May-1930 Lyn [a] W5-2 (Friendly) Johnny Ballantyne goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
123 Tue-27-May-1930 Drammens BK [a] W7-2 (Friendly) John Simpson goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
122 Fri-23-May-1930 SK Frigg [a] W6-1 (Friendly) John Simpson goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
121 Sat-18-Jan-1930 Dalbeattie Star [a] W6-1 (Scottish Cup 1st Round) George Boardman goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
120 Sat-11-Jan-1930 Morton [h] W4-1 (SFL First Division - game 25) John Torbet goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
119 Sat-23-Nov-1929 Motherwell [h] W6-1 (SFL First Division - game 16) John Torbet goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
118 Sat-17-Aug-1929 Ayr United [a] W4-2 (SFL First Division - game 2) John Simpson goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
117 Sat-29-Dec-1928 Raith Rovers [h] W6-1 (SFL First Division - game 19) Davie Ness goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
116 Sat-06-Oct-1928 Hamilton Academical [h] W8-0 (SFL First Division - game 8) Sandy Hair goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
115 Sat-22-Sep-1928 St Johnstone [h] W6-2 (SFL First Division - game 6) Sandy Hair goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
114 Sat-11-Aug-1928 Raith Rovers [a] W4-2 (SFL First Division - game 1) Harry Gibson goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
113 Sat-18-Feb-1928 St Mirren [a] W5-0 (Scottish Cup 3rd Round) Harry Gibson goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
112 Sat-21-Jan-1928 Caledonian [h] W9-1 (Scottish Cup 1st Round) Harry Gibson goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
111 Sat-14-Jan-1928 Raith Rovers [h] W5-0 (SFL First Division - game 25) Harry Gibson goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
110 Sat-07-Jan-1928 Dunfermline Athletic [a] W7-1 (SFL First Division - game 24) Willie Salisbury goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
109 Sat-05-Nov-1927 Aberdeen [h] W7-0 (SFL First Division - game 13) Jimmy McDougall goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
108 Sat-14-May-1927 Rangers [n] W6-3 (Glasgow Charity Cup Final) Sandy Hair goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
107 Sat-02-Apr-1927 St Johnstone [h] W3-1 (SFL First Division - game 34) Sandy Hair goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
106 Sat-05-Mar-1927 Dundee United [h] W5-0 (Scottish Cup Quarter Final) Jimmy Kinloch goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
105 Sat-23-Oct-1926 Dunfermline Athletic [h] W5-1 (SFL First Division - game 11) Sandy Hair goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
104 Sat-02-Oct-1926 Hibernian [h] W5-1 (SFL First Division - game 8) Sandy Hair goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
103 Sat-18-Sep-1926 Kilmarnock [h] W5-0 (SFL First Division - game 6) Sandy Hair goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
102 Wed-26-Aug-1925 Queen's Park [n] W7-1 (Opening of Dunoon Stand) Allan Brown goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
101 Wed-26-Aug-1925 Queen's Park [n] W7-1 (Opening of Dunoon Stand) Jimmy McDougall goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
100 Mon-17-Aug-1925 Hibernian [a] W6-4 (William McGinnigle Benefit) Sandy Hair goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
99 Sat-24-Jan-1925 Bathgate [a] W4-0 (Scottish Cup 1st Round) John Miller goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
98 Sat-22-Nov-1924 Cowdenbeath [h] W6-1 (SFL First Division - game 16) John Miller goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
97 Sat-03-May-1924 Third Lanark [n] W6-4 (Glasgow Charity Cup Quarter Final) Hugh Collins goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
96 Tue-29-Apr-1924 Liverpool [h] W4-1 (Tom Crichton Testimonial) Johnny Ballantyne goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
94-95 Sat-12-Jan-1924 Dunkeld and Birnam [h] W11-0 (Scottish Cup 1st Round) Sandy Hair goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
93 Sat-20-Oct-1923 Clyde [h] W6-1 (SFL First Division - game 11) Jimmy Gibson goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
92 Sat-23-Sep-1922 Hamilton Academical [h] W5-3 (SFL First Division - game 5) Jimmy Gibson goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
91 Sat-27-Nov-1920 Queen's Park [h] W5-0 (SFL - game 19) Jimmy Kinloch goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
90 Sat-07-Feb-1920 East Fife [h] W5-0 (Scottish Cup 2nd Round) Neil Harris goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
89 Sat-28-Dec-1918 St Mirren [h] W5-1 (SFL - game 18) John Bowie goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
88 Sat-05-Oct-1918 Falkirk [h] W4-2 (SFL - game 8) Jim Marshall goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
87 Sat-27-Oct-1917 Hamilton Academical [h] W5-0 (SFL - game 10) Neil Harris goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
86 Sat-13-Oct-1917 Heart of Midlothian [h] W4-1 (SFL - game 8) Neil Harris goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
85 Sat-31-Mar-1917 Aberdeen [h] W4-0 (SFL - game 33) William Reid [ii] goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
84 Sat-14-Oct-1916 Hamilton Academical [h] W5-0 (SFL - game 8) Neil Harris goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
83 Sat-26-Aug-1916 Ayr United [h] W3-0 (SFL - game 2) Willie Whittle goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
82 Sat-06-May-1916 Queen's Park [n] W4-0 (Glasgow Charity Cup Semi Final) Willie Whittle goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
81 Sat-12-Feb-1916 Kilmarnock [h] W4-0 (SFL - game 26) George Ramsay goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
80 Sat-16-Oct-1915 Hibernian [a] W4-0 (SFL - game 8) Neil Harris goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
79 Sat-21-Aug-1915 Morton [h] W3-2 (SFL - game 1) Willie Whittle goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
78 Sat-26-Dec-1914 Queen's Park [h] W5-0 (SFL First Division - game 18) Neil Harris goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
77 Tue-06-Jan-1914 International XI [h] L5-7 (Alec Raisbeck Benefit) Jim Marshall goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
76 Sat-15-Apr-1911 East Stirlingshire [h] W6-1 (Friendly) Travers goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
75 Sat-28-Jan-1911 St Bernard's [h] W7-2 (Scottish Cup 1st Round) George Elmore goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
74 Wed-24-Aug-1910 Glasgow & District Police [h] W4-1 (Scottish Police FA Fundraiser) Thomson [iii] goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
73 Wed-20-Apr-1910 Parkhead [h] W3-0 (Friendly) Willie Gardiner goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
72 Sat-12-Oct-1907 Port Glasgow Athletic [a] W5-0 (SFL First Division - game 8) James Ferguson [i] goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
71 Sat-25-Aug-1906 Morton [h] W5-0 (SFL First Division - game 3) Alex McGregor goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
70 Sat-15-Apr-1905 Celtic [a] D3-3 (Glasgow League - game 4) Sam Kennedy goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
69 Sat-22-Nov-1902 Queen's Park [h] W4-2 (SFL First Division - game 14) Robert Conner goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
68 Sat-22-Feb-1902 Arthurlie [a] W5-1 (SFL Second Division - game 20) Allan Alexander goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
67 Sat-09-Feb-1901 St Mirren [h] W5-3 (SFL First Division - game 20) John Spence goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
66 Sat-31-Mar-1900 Hamilton Academical [a] W4-2 (SFL Second Division - game 18) John Blackwood goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
64-65 Tue-02-Jan-1900 Orion [a] W8-3 (Friendly) John Blackwood goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
63 Sat-28-Oct-1899 Morton [a] W3-2 (SFL Second Division - game 10) Willie Freebairn goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
62 Sat-30-Sep-1899 Linthouse [a] W5-1 (SFL Second Division - game 6) Davy McDougall goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
61 Sat-11-Mar-1899 Clyde [h] W5-1 (Glasgow League - game 3) Robert Gray goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
60 Sat-14-Jan-1899 Irvine [h] W5-0 (Scottish Cup 1st Round) Willie Paul goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
59 Wed-04-May-1898 Rugby Rovers [h] W6-1 (Partick Jubilee Nurse Fund Benefit) James Brydson goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
58 Sat-06-Nov-1897 St Bernard's [h] W5-3 (SFL First Division - game 9) John Ferguson goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
57 Sat-05-Dec-1896 Port Glasgow Athletic [h] W4-1 (SFL Second Division - game 8) John Proudfoot goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
56 Sat-03-Oct-1896 Cameronians [h] W4-1 (Glasgow Cup 1st Round) Willie Paul goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
55 Sat-19-Sep-1896 Linthouse [a] W5-3 (Scottish Qualifying Cup 1st Round replay) John Logan goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
54 Sat-15-Feb-1896 Abercorn [a] W4-3 (SFL Second Division - game 14) Willie Paul goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
53 Sat-26-Oct-1895 Queen's Park [a] W5-1 (Friendly) John Proudfoot goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
52 Sat-19-Oct-1895 Cowlairs [h] W6-1 (Glasgow Cup Quarter Final) Robert Currie goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
51 Sat-28-Sep-1895 Cameronians [h] W15-0 (Glasgow Cup 1st Round) Robert Currie goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
50 Sat-28-Sep-1895 Cameronians [h] W15-0 (Glasgow Cup 1st Round) Willie Paul goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
49 Sat-21-Sep-1895 Airdrieonians [h] W5-1 (Scottish Qualifying Cup 2nd Round) Willie Paul goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
48 Sat-25-May-1895 Port Glasgow Athletic [h] W5-0 (SFL Second Division - game 18) John Proudfoot goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
47 Sat-09-Mar-1895 Dundee Wanderers [a] L5-6 (SFL Second Division - game 12) John Proudfoot goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
46 Sat-02-Mar-1895 Falkirk [a] W6-5 (Friendly) John Proudfoot goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
45 Sat-23-Feb-1895 Abercorn [h] W5-1 (SFL Second Division - game 11) John Proudfoot goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
44 Sat-05-Jan-1895 Cowlairs [h] W4-2 (SFL Second Division - game 9) Willie Freebairn goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
43 Wed-13-Jun-1894 Govan Select [h] L4-5 (Whiteinch Orphanage Benefit) Willie Paul goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
42 Sat-10-Mar-1894 Glasgow Thistle [h] W13-1 (SFL Second Division - game 16) William Proudfoot goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
41 Sat-10-Mar-1894 Glasgow Thistle [h] W13-1 (SFL Second Division - game 16) Willie Freebairn goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
40 Sat-10-Mar-1894 Glasgow Thistle [h] W13-1 (SFL Second Division - game 16) Willie Paul goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
39 Sat-10-Feb-1894 Abercorn [a] W3-2 (SFL Second Division - game 14) Willie Paul goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
38 Mon-01-Jan-1894 Peterhead [a] W10-1 (Friendly) Willie Paul goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
37 Sat-21-Oct-1893 Glasgow Thistle [a] W4-3 (SFL Second Division - game 6) Willie Freebairn goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
36 Sat-07-Oct-1893 Motherwell [h] W4-2 (SFL Second Division - game 4) Willie Freebairn goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
35 Sat-02-Sep-1893 Airdrieonians [h] D3-3 (Scottish Cup 1st Preliminary Round) Willie Freebairn goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
34 Sat-25-Mar-1893 Cowlairs [h] L3-5 (Scottish Alliance - game 14) John Gilchrist goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
33 Sat-21-Jan-1893 Airdrieonians [h] W6-3 (Scottish Alliance - game 6) John Gilchrist goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
32 Sat-27-Dec-1890 Pollokshaws Athletic [h] W4-0 (Friendly) Watty Keay goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
31 Sat-30-Aug-1890 Raith Rovers [a] W5-4 (Friendly) Sam Clark goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
30 Sat-18-Jan-1890 Port Glasgow Athletic [a] W9-2 (Friendly) Willie Paul goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
29 Sat-23-Nov-1889 Morton [a] D4-4 (Friendly) John Drummond goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
28 Sat-12-Oct-1889 Glasgow Thistle [h] W5-2 (Glasgow Cup 2nd Round) Matthew Ferguson goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
27 Sat-05-Oct-1889 Port Glasgow Athletic [h] W5-2 (Friendly) David Hislop goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
26 Sat-17-Aug-1889 Airdrieonians [a] W7-2 (Friendly) Hope Robertson goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
25 Sat-11-May-1889 Airdrieonians [h] W5-2 (Friendly) Andrew Johnston goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
24 Sat-29-Sep-1888 Ulster [a] W12-1 (Friendly) Andrew Johnston goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
23 Sat-29-Sep-1888 Ulster [a] W12-1 (Friendly) David Hislop goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
22 Sat-29-Sep-1888 Ulster [a] W12-1 (Friendly) Willie Paul goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
21 Fri-16-Mar-1888 County Derry [h] W7-1 (Friendly) Jacky Smith goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
20 Sat-03-Mar-1888 Morton [h] W6-2 (Friendly) Willie Paul goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
19 Sat-07-Jan-1888 Port Glasgow Athletic [h] W6-0 (Friendly) Andrew Johnston goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
18 Sat-03-Sep-1887 Westbourne [h] W10-0 (Scottish Cup 1st Round) Bob Marshall goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
17 Sat-03-Sep-1887 Westbourne [h] W10-0 (Scottish Cup 1st Round) Jerry Suter goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
16 Sat-03-Sep-1887 Westbourne [h] W10-0 (Scottish Cup 1st Round) Jim Buchanan goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
15 Wed-10-Aug-1887 Shettleston [a] W4-1 (Friendly) Willie Paul goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
14 Sat-12-Feb-1887 St Mirren [h] W8-0 (Friendly) Willie Paul goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
13 Sat-04-Dec-1886 Cliftonville [a] W11-1 (FA Cup 3rd Round) Willie Paul goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
12 Sat-04-Dec-1886 Cliftonville [a] W11-1 (FA Cup 3rd Round) Jerry Suter goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
11 Sat-18-Sep-1886 Port Glasgow Athletic [h] W4-3 (Friendly) Jerry Suter goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
10 Sat-13-Feb-1886 Heart of Midlothian [h] W6-0 (Friendly) John Young [ii] goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
9 Sat-24-Oct-1885 Alloa Athletic [a] W12-0 (Scottish Cup 3rd Round) Andrew Johnston goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
8 Sat-24-Oct-1885 Alloa Athletic [a] W12-0 (Scottish Cup 3rd Round) Bob Robertson goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
7 Sat-22-Aug-1885 Abercorn [h] D4-4 (Friendly) Andrew Johnston goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
6 Sat-13-Dec-1884 Pollokshields Athletic [h] W4-2 (Friendly) Tom Maley goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
5 Sat-05-Jan-1884 Cartvale [h] W6-2 (Friendly) Bob Robertson goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
4 Sat-29-Dec-1883 Clyde [h] W4-0 (Friendly) Bob Robertson goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
3 Sat-18-Mar-1882 Vale of Teith [h] W5-1 (Friendly) John Young [i] goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
2 Sat-11-Mar-1882 Yoker [a] W5-0 (Yoker Cup Final) Andrew Duff goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png
1 Sat-28-Jan-1882 Brittania [h] W10-0 (Yoker Cup Semi Final) John Young [i] goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png

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