Partick Thistle Youth (U-18s) Season 2023-24
Thistle Weir Youth Academy
2023-24 (Youth - Under 18s)
The eleventh season of the Thistle Weir Youth Academy (re-branded as the 'Partick Thistle Youth Academy' on 2 Feb 2024)
scorers in CAPS
1. Thu-06-Jul-2023 [a] L1-8 Rangers (Friendly)
4.00pm, Auchenhowie. HORN.
2. Sun-16-Jul-2023 [h] W9-1 Falkirk (Friendly)
10.00am, Petershill Park. HORN (4), McGINLAY (3), LOCKHART, TRIALIST.
3. Wed-19-Jul-2023 [a] L1-5 Hamilton Academical (Friendly)
Evening kick-off. HORN.
4. Sat-29-Jul-2023 [a] W3-1 Alloa Athletic (Friendly)
5. Fri-04-Aug-2023 [a] L3-5 Ross County (CAS Performance U-18s League - game 1)
2.00pm, Highland Football Academy. Storey, Corr, Trialist, McEwan, Trialist, CAMPBELL, Falconer, McKenna, HORN, TRIALIST, Ferrie. Listed subs: Trialist, Trialist, O'Donnell, Lockhart, Loney.
6. Fri-11-Aug-2023 [h] L1-2 Ayr United (CAS Performance U-18s League - game 2)
6.00pm, Petershill Park. Storey, Corr, Low, Monaghan, Trialist, Campbell, McGinlay, Falconer, Horn, TRIALIST, McKenna. Listed subs: Cameron, Johnston, McEwan, O'Donnell, Ferrie, Loney.
7. Fri-18-Aug-2023 [a] L0-4 Queen's Park (Friendly)
6.00pm, Lochinch Sports Complex.
8. Fri-25-Aug-2023 [a] W4-3 Greenock Morton (CAS Performance U-18s League - game 3)
7.30pm, Parklea. Storey, MONAGHAN, Ferrie, McEwan, Dunbar, CAMPBELL, McGINLAY, Falconer, HORN, Gaughan, McKenna. Listed subs: Johnston, Corr, O'Donnell, Lockhart, Low, Loney.
After an excellent first half, goals from Campbell and Monaghan had Thistle 2-1 ahead at the break. A 97th minute winner secured a thrilling 3 points for the young Jags.
9. Fri-01-Sep-2023 [h] D3-3 Dundee (CAS Performance U-18s League - game 4)
6.00pm, Petershill Park. Storey, Monaghan, Ferrie, McEwan, Trialist, Campbell, McGINLAY, FALCONER, HORN, Gaughan, McKenna. Listed subs: Johnston, Corr, O'Donnell, Lockhart, Low, Loney, McFadden. The final game for one of the much-loved physios, Claire Balloch, who left after 9½ years with the Academy for family reasons.
Points were shared at the final whistle after an excellent come back in the second half.
10. Fri-08-Sep-2023 [a] L0-3 St Johnstone (CAS Performance U-18s League - game 5)
7.15pm, McDiarmid Park. Storey, McFadden, Ferrie, Monaghan, Dunbar, Campbell, McGinlay, Falconer, Loney, Gaughan, McKenna. Listed subs: Cameron, Johnston, Waddell, Lockhart, O'Donnell.
A resilient team performance from the young Jags wasn’t enough to secure points from the current champions.
11. Fri-15-Sep-2023 [a] W3-1 Lothian Thistle Hutchison Vale (Scottish Youth Cup 2nd Round)
7.30pm, Saughton Enclosure. Cameron, McFADDEN, Ferrie, Monaghan, Waddell, Lockhart, McGinlay, FALCONER, LONEY, Gaughan, O'Donnell. Listed subs: Storey, Miller, Low, McKenna, Johnston, Corr.
12. Fri-29-Sep-2023 [a] L0-3 Dunfermline Athletic (CAS Performance U-18s League - game 6)
Evening kick-off, Recreation Park.
13. Fri-13-Oct-2023 [h] W8-0 Dunipace (Scottish Youth Cup 3rd Round)
6.00pm, Petershill Park. Cameron, McFadden, Low, McEwan, Miller, Johnston, McGinlay, Falconer, LONEY (2), TURAY (4), McKenna. Listed subs: Storey, Rooney, Waddell, GAUGHAN, O'Donnell, DOCHERTY. Last game under Craig Dargo, who is becoming the new Academy director.
14. Fri-27-Oct-2023 [h] W3-1 Ross County (CAS Performance U-18s League - game 7)
5.00pm, Petershill Park. Storey, McFadden, Ferrie, Monaghan, McEwan, Lockhart, O'Donnell, Falconer, LONEY, McKENNA, Gaughan. Listed subs: Cameron, JOHNSTON, Miller, Low, Horn. First game under new head coach, Mark Wilson, appointed the day before.
15. Fri-03-Nov-2023 [a] L1-3 Ayr United (CAS Performance U-18s League - game 8)
6.00pm, Riverside Sports Arena. Cameron, McFadden, Ferrie, Johnston, McEwan, Falconer, McGinlay, McKenna, Loney, HORN, Gaughan. Listed subs: Storey, Miller, Low, O'Donnell, Lockhart, Docherty.
16. Fri-10-Nov-2023 [h] L0-2 Greenock Morton (CAS Performance U-18s League - game 9)
6.00pm, Petershill Park. Storey, Johnston, Ferrie, McEwan, Miller, McKenna, McGinlay, Falconer, Loney, Horn, Gaughan. Listed subs: Hamilton, Low, Waddell, Lockhart, Docherty.
17. Fri-17-Nov-2023 [a] D0-0 Dundee (CAS Performance U-18s League - game 10)
7.30pm, Caird Park. Cameron, Corr, Ferrie, Johnston, Monaghan, Lockhart, McGinlay, Falconer, Horn, O'Donnell, Gaughan. Listed subs: Storey, Low, McEwan, Miller, McKenna, Loney.
18. Fri-24-Nov-2023 [a] W4-1 Montrose (Scottish Youth Cup 4th Round)
7.00pm, Links Park. Cameron, Corr, Ferrie, Monaghan, McEwan, McKenna, McGINLAY, Falconer, Loney, TURAY (3), Gaughan. Listed subs: Storey, Low, Lockhart, O'Donnell, Horn.
A first-half hat-trick from Sallu Turay always had Thistle in control of Celtic's 3rd Round conquerors. Horn came on for Turay at half-time and two goals early in the half (one for each side) maintained the status quo 'til the end.
19. Fri-01-Dec-2023 [h] L2-3 St Johnstone (CAS Performance U-18s League - game 11)
6.00pm, Petershill Park. Cameron, CORR, Low, Waddell, Dolan, Lockhart, McGinlay, O'Donnell, Horn, TURAY, Gaughan. Listed subs: Storey, Monaghan, Falconer, Docherty, McKenna, Loney.
The last match of the year ahead of the winter break was played in sub-zero temperatures. The young Jags retired 2-1 to the good at half-time against the league champions, but lost what was a hard fought battle in the end.
20. Fri-12-Jan-2024 [h] W4-0 Scottish Schools (Friendly)
6.00pm, Petershill Park. CAMPBELL (2), HORN (2).
Ché Campbell was finally back after an ankle break in September, and the captain returned with two goals, the rehab paying off. An excellent team performance.
21. Fri-26-Jan-2024 [a] L1-5 Ayr United (Scottish Cup Quarter Final)
2.00pm, Townhead Park. Cameron, Ferrie, Low, Monaghan, McEwan, Lockhart, Loney, Falconer, Horn, CAMPBELL, Gaughan. Listed subs: Storey, Johnston, Corr, O'Donnell, McKenna.
A grim afternoon in Cumnock. With top prospect McGinlay having departed and top scorer Turay being out injured, the build-up to the big cup tie was not ideal. Two penalties, two poor errors and a free kick had Ayr on easy street; Ché Campbell's goal for 5-1 was merely a consolation later in the second half.
22. Fri-02-Feb-2024 [h] D2-2 Dunfermline Athletic (CAS Performance U-18s League - game 12)
6.00pm, Petershill Park. Following the official announcement earlier in the day, this was the first game under the 'Partick Thistle Youth Academy' banner, re-branded from the 'Thistle Weir Youth Academy'. Storey, Corr, Ferrie, Johnston, McEwan, Lockhart, Horn, Falconer, Loney, Campbell, McKENNA (2). Listed subs: Harkins, Low, Monaghan, O'Donnell, Gaughan.
On a windy night at Peasy, Thistle came from behind twice with goals from McKenna (10, 40), assisted by Horn and Loney. Came close to a winner a few times in the second half, but it wasn't to be.
23. Fri-16-Feb-2024 [a] W3-1 Inverness Caledonian Thistle (CAS Performance U-18s League - game 13)
3.00pm, Highland Football Academy. Storey, Ferrie, Low, Johnston, Waddell, LOCKHART (2), Turay, Falconer, LONEY, Campbell, McKenna. Listed subs: Cameron, Monaghan, Corr, Gaughan, Horn, McFadden.
It was a comfortable 3 points in the end, but Thistle had to come from behind for the win with goals from Loney (33) and a brace from Lockhart (38, 63).
24. Fri-23-Feb-2024 [a] W4-2 Ross County (CAS Performance U-18s League - game 14)
1.30pm, Highland Football Academy. Cameron, Corr, Low, Johnston, Waddell, Lockhart, Gaughan, Falconer, LONEY (2), CAMPBELL, McKenna. Listed subs: Storey, Monaghan, McFadden, HORN.
25. Fri-01-Mar-2024 [h] D1-1 Queen's Park (Friendly)
6.00pm, Petershill Park. CAMPBELL.
It was a goal-less first half in which QP struck woodwork twice and Loney had two good chances for Thistle. Monaghan, McEwan & Low replaced Johnston, Waddle & McFadden during the second half. A crisp finish put QP ahead (62). Loney's strength created the opening for Ché Campbell to rifle the ball low into the net (75). Thistle finished strongly but couldn't find a winner.
2023-24 Youth (U-18s) summary notes

P25 W10 D4 L11 (1.36 ppg)

  • The points-per-game measurements (ppg) above are calculated on the same principle as the first-team's all games category, and are based on 1 point for a draw and 3 points for a win across all eras.
  • League format unknown this season. 9 teams started the campaign: Ayr United, Dundee, Dunfermline Athletic, Greenock Morton, Inverness CT, Livingston, Partick Thistle, Ross County & St Johnstone.

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