Partick Thistle Reserves Season 2004-05
PTFC Kit 2004-05
2004-05 (Reserves)
The 130th season of Partick Thistle F.C.
scorers in CAPS • used subs in brackets
1. Tue-13-Jul-2004 [a] L0-1 Elgin City (Friendly)
MP 26/7/2004. Bennett, Anis, Carter, Wilson, Friel, Ross (A), Panther, Howie, Gemmell, Shields, Strachan. (Niven, Stewart, McGoldrick.)
Panther went close early on but his shot was blocked then Gemmell failed to take advantage of a poor pass-back. A City header was scrambled away then Friel almost headed in an og. Howie headed the resulting corner off the line. Poor defending let in City for the only goal (54).
2. Mon-19-Jul-2004 [a] W2-1 Ashfield (Friendly)
MP 28/7/2004. Bennett, Baron, Haswell, Friel, Carter, Niven, Rennie, Cassidy, McGOLDRICK, STEWART, Ferguson. Played at Stepps.
The young JAGS side faced older and stronger opponents and did well to come from behind. A free header made it 1-0 and it was almost 2-0 soon after. The keeper's clearance hit McGoldrick and went it (27) and it was almost time-up when Stewart shot home the winner.
3. Thu-22-Jul-2004 [a] W7-0 St Anthony's (Friendly)
MP 28/7/2004. Bennett, Anis, Haswell, Wilkinson, Wilson, ROSS (A), Panther, BRITTON (2), GEMMELL (2), ESCALAS (2), Gibson (A). (Trialist, Stewart, Strachan.)
Britton finished off a Gibson cut-back (19) then Gemmell tucked away a parried shot (23). Ross (24) and an Escalas header made it 4-0 at half-time. He scored again (46) then Gemmell's 30-yard free-kick (56) was followed by Britton (85) for an easy win. Escalas set up 3 of the goals.
4. Sun-22-Aug-2004 [h] D2-2 Falkirk (Reserve League West)
MP 4/9/2004. Pinkowski, Carter, Ross (I), McKeown, Wilson, ROSS (A), Gibson, Trialist, ONÉ, Gemmell, Strachan. (Cassidy, Cameron, McGoldrick.)
A disappointing first half saw Falkirk 2-up at half-time - deservedly - so but reorganisation and substitutes had the desired effect. Oné reduced the lead and Ross (A) levelled things. Only a fine save late on denied Gibson a winner. Pinkowski also had some fine saves.
5. Wed-01-Sep-2004 [a] L2-5 Greenock Morton (Reserve League West)
MP 4/9/2004. Bennett, Carter, Haswell, McKeown, Wilson, Cassidy, MacKAY (2), Cameron, Stewart, Gibson (A), Strachan. (Barron, Ferguson, Niven.)
The only highlight on the night was the debut of McKay with his two goals. Otherwise it was a poor performance by the very young Thistle side.
6. Tue-07-Sep-2004 [h] W4-2 Queen's Park (Reserve League West)
MP 18/9/2004. Pinkowski, Anis, Milne, Wilkinson, Ross (A), Strachan, CAMERON, ONÉ, BRITTON, ROSS (I). (Haswell, Gemmell, Stewart.)
Goals from a deflected shot by Cameron and Oné right on half-time put Thistle 2-up. Britton and a fine individual goal by Ross (I) made it 4 but the foot was taken off the gas. Pinkowski saved a penalty, Queens scored and a Haswell og made it look closer than it was.
7. Thu-16-Sep-2004 [a] W3-1 Gretna (Reserve League West)
MP 2/10/2004. Bennett, Cameron, Haswell, McKeown, Wilson, CASSIDY, Gibson (A), Ross (A), Britton, GEMMELL (2), Ross (I).
Hesitant defending let in Gretna for 1-0 (11) but there was a better second half to come. Gemmell converted a Ross (I) cross then Cassidy scored from 20 yards. Gemmell finished off a Gibson (A) cross for a comfortable 3-1 win.
8. Thu-23-Sep-2004 [h] W5-1 Albion Rovers (Reserve League West)
MP 2/10/2004. Pinkowski, Anis, McKEOWN, Ross (A), Haswell, ROSS (I), Cameron, Gibson (A), STRACHAN, GEMMELL (2), Britton. (Cassidy, McGoldrick.)
The unmarked Gemmell headed in at the back post for 1-0 at half-time. By 55 minutes it was 4-0, Gemmell, Strachan and Ross (I) all scored. A header by McKeown at a corner was followed by a late consolation goal. On balance, 5-1 probably understated Thistle's dominance.
9. Tue-28-Sep-2004 [a] D3-3 Stranraer (Reserve League West)
MP 23/10/2004. Pinkowski, Anis, Haswell, McKeown, Ross (A), Ross (I), Gibson (A), Howie, BRITTON, GEMMELL, Strachan. (Wilson, CASSIDY.)
An early goal by Stranraer was cancelled out by Gemmell who was set up by Strachan. Britton put Thistle in front but 2 goals by the homesters left Thistle scrambling for a draw and Cassidy scored almost on the whistle to rescue a point. A poor performance.
10. Tue-12-Oct-2004 [a] L2-3 Queen's Park (Reserve League West)
MP 23/10/2004. Bennett, Gibson (B), Haswell, Ross (A), McKeown, Fulton, Mitchell, Gibson (A), HINDS, Gemmell, ROSS (I). (Wilson, Strachan.)
Slack defending by Thistle let Queens in for 1-0 but Ross (I) scored with a free-kick. Gemmell was injured in a bad, unpunished, tackle. Ross was sent off for a tackle in the box and the pen was converted for 2-1. Strachan hit the post, Queens scored again and Hinds reduced the lead (80).
11. Mon-01-Nov-2004 [a] W3-0 Ayr United (Reserve League West)
MP 13/11/2004. Bennett, Anis, Ross (I), WILKINSON, McKeown, Panther, Gibson (A), Howie, ONÉ (2), Gemmell, Strachan. (Cassidy.)
Oné made space for himself and shot home (5) then Wilkinson's header made it 2-0 (17). Strachan and Oné both hit the post but Oné converted a Strachan cross for a third goal late on for a solid win. Given the chances created it should have been more convincing.
12. Thu-04-Nov-2004 [a] L2-4 Falkirk (Scottish Reserve League Cup 1st Round)
MP 13/11/2004. Arthur, Gibson (B), Dowie, Murray, Madaschi, Fulton, Mitchell, Fleming, Hinds, McLAREN (2), Ross (A). (Niven, Barron, Milne.)
A disappointing cup exit considering the experience levels in the line-up. Two goals by recent signing McLaren were the only highlights.
13. Thu-11-Nov-2004 [a] W4-1 Falkirk (Reserve League West)
MP 4/12/2004. Bennett, Anis, Haswell, Carter, Wilson, Ross (A), Cassidy, Howie, GEMMELL (2), STEWART, Strachan. (Ferguson, McGOLDRICK, Barron).
Gemmell's goals (17 & 34) put Thistle comfortably ahead at half-time. Stewart made it 3-0 (46) and McGoldrick got the fourth (85). A late consolation for Falkirk took a little of the shine off the win for the relatively inexperienced Thistle line-up.
14. Mon-15-Nov-2004 [h] W7-2 Greenock Morton (Reserve League West)
MP 4/12/2004. Bennett, Wilkinson, ROSS (I) (2), Smith, Ross (A), HOWIE, Anis, PANTHER, ONÉ, McLaren, Strachan. (Gemmell, STEWART, Cameron.) (1 og.)
A deflected effort by Ross (I) started the fun. Morton equalised but an og and a Panther strike (17) put Thistle well ahead. Ross (I) (25), Howie and Oné (44) made it 6-1 at half-time. The second half was much quieter with Stewart's header (67) and a Morton goal late on.
15. Thu-09-Dec-2004 [h] L2-3 Gretna (Reserve League West)
MP 18/12/2004. Bennett, Anis, Haswell, Ross (A), McKeown, Howie, Mitchell, PANTHER, Oné, GEMMELL, Strachan. (Pinkowski, Cassidy, Stewart.)
Down 2-0 in the first half, a goal by Panther (43) gave Thistle something to build on in the second half. Gemmell duly put Thistle back into things when he levelled (55) but although they looked the better team it was Gretna who snatched a winner (90).
16. Mon-31-Jan-2005 [h] W3-1 St Mirren (Reserve League West)
MP 12/2/2005. Bennett, Anis, McKeown, BRADY, Dowie, Mitchell, Panther, McConalogue, ESCALAS (2), Howie, Strachan. (Cameron, McGoldrick.)
Thistle inflicted St Mirren's first defeat of the season. A well-worked combined move was finished off by Brady (15). Strachan and Escalas went close and Bennet had a fine save before half-time. An angled drive and a 25-yard swerving shot by Escalas made it 3-0 before St Mirren scored (85).
17. Tue-15-Feb-2005 [a] L1-2 Airdrie United (Reserve League West)
MP 12/3/2005. Pinkowski, Anis, Panther, Gibson (B), Paterson, Brady, Howie, Mitchell, Escalas, McConalogue, Strachan. (Wilson, Cameron, McGoldrick.) (1 og.)
Quickly forgettable. After a goalless first half Airdrie took the lead (65) but an og put things level (74). An error in the middle of the park led to a break up field and the winner for Airdrie.
18. Mon-21-Feb-2005 [h] L0-2 Ayr United (Reserve League West)
MP 12/3/2005. Bennett, Wilson, Haswell, Gibson (B), McKeown, Fulton, Howie, Mitchell, Oné, Hinds, Strachan. (McGoldrick, Cameron, Shields.)
How Thistle managed to lose this match despite having most of the play and chances was a mystery. A shot through a ruck of players was adjudged to have gone in before being cleared (40) then a quality strike from 20 yards wrapped up the points.
19. Mon-07-Mar-2005 [h] W6-3 Stenhousemuir (Reserve League West)
MP 12/3/2005. Pinkowski, Anis, Haswell, Carter, McKEOWN, Cameron, GIBSON (A), Cassidy, ESCALAS (2), Hinds, STRACHAN (2). (Wilson, Barron, Shields.)
Gibson (A) and Strachan put Thistle 2-up in 10 minutes. Stenhousemuir drew level but Strachan made it 3-2 by half-time. McKeown scored but the lead was reduced before a double by Escalas put a better slant on things.
20. Wed-30-Mar-2005 [a] W9-0 Albion Rovers (Reserve League West)
MP 16/4/2005. Bennett, Anis, Fulton, Howie, Madaschi, Gibson (B), GIBSON (A), McCONALOGUE (4), ONÉ (2), HINDS (2), Strachan. (Cassidy, McKeown, Barron.) Played at Petershill FC.
Gibson (A) scored direct from a corner (8) and McConalogue got the first of his four (18). He completed his hat-trick then Hinds scored by half-time. McConalogue, Hinds and a double by Oné made it 9. To complete Rovers' misery Bennett saved a pen taken by ex-JAG Stirling.
21. Mon-04-Apr-2005 [h] D2-2 Airdrie United (Reserve League West)
MP 16/4/2005. Pinkowski, Anis, Fulton, GIBSON (B), Milne, Cassidy, Gibson (A), McCONALOGUE, Escalas, Hinds, Strachan. (Wilson, Barron, Stewart.)
Late into the game Thistle led 2-1 thanks to goals by Gibson (B) and McConalogue but they were punished for a dreadful error in the dying seconds and had to settle for a point.
22. Tue-12-Apr-2005 [a] W4-1 Stenhousemuir (Reserve League West)
MP 23/4/2005. Arthur, Anis, FULTON, Dowie, Smith, Fleming, Gibson (A), Cassidy, Oné, ESCALAS, Strachan. (STEWART, Barron, CAMERON.)
Escalas gave Thistle the lead (4) then they proceeded to miss several chances. Ex-JAG McBride equalised before half-time. Fulton headed home a Fleming free-kick then Cameron finished off a Stewart effort that came back off a post. Stewart got the final goal later on.
23. Mon-18-Apr-2005 [h] L1-3 Stranraer (Reserve League West)
MP 23/4/2005. Pinkowski, Wilson, Smith, Carter, McKeown, Cameron, Barron, Cassidy, STEWART, MacKay, Strachan. (McDevitt, Shields.)
Defeat meant slim hopes of the championship all but vanished. Stewart scored (20) but an error by Pinkowski led to an equaliser by half-time. Two goals in the second half saw the visitors achieve their 5th win of the season.
24. Tue-26-Apr-2005 [a] L0-4 St Mirren (Reserve League West)
MP 7/5/2005. Pinkowski, Wilson, Smith, Murray, Madaschi, Barron, Cassidy, Ross, Shields, Stewart, Strachan. (Carter, Cameron.)
Thistle fielded a mixed experience side but St Mirren fielded virtually their 1st XI. Thistle had a few chances before St Mirren scored (19). A misdirected header caused the 2nd goal (38). Saints controlled the 2nd half and two more goals were hardly a surprise.
2004-05 Reserves summary notes

P24 W12 D3 L9 (1.625 ppg)

Historical PT Reserves average: 1.462 ppg (@ 22-Aug-2023)
  • The points-per-game measurements (ppg) above are calculated on the same principle as the first-team's all games category, and are based on 1 point for a draw and 3 points for a win across all eras.
  • Final League Position: unknown, no final table found. Several teams still had matches to play. Possibly mid-table with 33/60 pts.

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PTFC Kit 2004-05

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