Partick Thistle Reserves Season 1993-94
PTFC Kit 1993-94
1993-94 (Reserves)
The 119th season of Partick Thistle F.C.
scorers in CAPS • used subs in brackets
1. Tue-03-Aug-1993 [a] W2-0 Armadale Thistle (Friendly)
MP 14/8/1993. Murdoch, McKilligan, Law, Farningham, O'Reilly, Clark, Shaw, Taylor, McGLASHAN, ENGLISH, Kinnaird. (Stirling D, Docherty.)
It was 0-0 for an hour then Shaw did some good work down the right, crossed and English headed home. The second goal was similar. The cross was from the left by Kinnaird and the header by McGlashan. Budd (back at Armadale on loan) kept the score down.
2. Mon-09-Aug-1993 [a] D1-1 Pollok (Friendly)
MP 28/8/1993. Murdoch, McKee, Trialist, Trialist *, O'Reilly, Taylor, Shaw, Farningham, Grant, McGLASHAN, Kinnaird. (Stirling (J), Stirling(D), Sharkie.) * Trialist No 4 was Mark Hughes of Tranmere Rovers.
The match seemed to get in the way of a training session. Farningham opened up the defence for McGlashan to score but Pollok scored soon after and had the best of things, Murdoch had some fine saves to keep it at 1-1. Trialist No 4 went close.
3. Mon-23-Aug-1993 [a] L3-4 Ayr United (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 31/8/1993. Murdoch, Law, Stirling (J), TAYLOR, O'Reilly, TRIALIST, Docherty, Shaw, Stirling (D), English, Kinnaird. (SHARKIE, Collins.)
Slack defending led to Ayr's opener but trialist No 6 levelled, set up by Law. Mistakes by Murdoch made it 2-1 and, soon after, 3-1. Sweeper Taylor reduced the lead (78) then Sharkie scored (87) but a pen (90) was converted for 4-3 when Murdoch pulled down a forward.
4. Wed-01-Sep-1993 [a] W4-2 St Mirren (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 18/9/1993. Budd, Law, Stirling (J), Farningham, O'Reilly, Smith, SHAW, DOCHERTY, BRITTON (2), McGlashan, McKilligan. (Sharkie, Stirling (D).)
A mistake by O'Reilly let in St Mirren for the opener then Law was red-carded (retaliation). Briton sprung the off-side trap to lob the keeper just on half-time. He headed in for 2-1 then the keeper's mistake left Shaw an empty net. Saints pulled one back but Sharkie made it 4 late on.
5. Mon-06-Sep-1993 [h] L1-2 Rangers (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 18/9/1993. Budd, Law, Trialist, Clark, O'Reilly, Stirling (J), McKILLIGAN, Smith, Shaw, McGlashan, Kinnaird. (Trialist, Sharkie.)
Budd was untroubled until he parried a dubious penalty and the rebound was knocked in. McGlashan wasted a good chance just on half-time. The 2nd half was Thistle's but they couldn't find the net until McKilligan scored. The winner came (88), Clark claiming he had been fouled trying to clear the ball.
6. Mon-20-Sep-1993 [a] W2-1 Clydebank (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 2/10/1993. Nelson, LAW, Stirling (J), Watson, Smith, McKilligan, Trialist, Shaw, Sharkie, CAMERON, Kinnaird. (Docherty, Stirling (D).)
Thistle edged the first half with some good play and chances but Nelson had some good saves as well. In the second half Cameron waltzed past a few defenders and shot home. Thistle got on top and a cross-cum-shot by Law deceived the keeper (70) then a header beat Nelson (90).
7. Thu-23-Sep-1993 [h] W2-0 Falkirk (Scottish Reserve League Cup 1st Round)
MP 2/10/1993. Nelson, Law, McKilligan, Smith, Watson, BYRNE, SHAW, Docherty, Stirling (D),Cameron, Kinnaird. (Trialist, Trialist.)
It was mainly Thistle trying to spring Falkirk's off-side trap in the first half. A looping header by Shaw from a Kinnaird cross found the net (47). Attack after attack followed and eventually Byrne rounded the keeper for 2-0. Should have been more emphatic however.
8. Tue-28-Sep-1993 [a] L1-2 Morton (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 9/10/1993. Budd, McKilligan, Stirling (J), Watson, Smith, Clark, Trialist, Taylor, STIRLING (D), Shaw, Kinnaird. (Sharkie, Docherty.)
Thistle couldn't turn their superiority into goals and ultimately paid the price. After half-time Stirling turned and shot home from 16 yards for a deserved lead. Failure to capitalise was punished by a free header at a corner then more poor defending and it was 2-1 (70).
9. Mon-11-Oct-1993 [h] W1-0 Queen's Park (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 23/10/1993. Murdoch, McKee, Trialist, Smith, Tierney, Clark, Byrne, McKilligan, Stirling, (D), English, McGOLDRICK. (Trialist, Docherty.)
Unusually for this fixture it was largely devoid of chances and goals as Thistle struggled to beat an off-side trap although Queens almost scored when they sprung Thistle's! A mistake by the Queen's keeper when McGoldrick's cross was fumbled proved to be the only goal (79).
10. Tue-19-Oct-1993 [a] D0-0 Kilmarnock (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 30/10/1993. Murdoch, McKee, Stirling (J), Clark, O'Reilly, Byrne, McKilligan, Smith, Stirling (D), English, McGoldrick.
Thistle broke Kilmarnock's 100% record with a creditable draw. Equal in possession and chances, the best of the half was English's header just over the bar. The teams traded spells of possession and chances after half-time but neither side could break down stubborn defences.
11. ?Wed-20-Oct-1993 [a] W2-1 Meadowbank Thistle (Scottish Reserve League Cup 2nd Round)
MP 2/11/1993. Nominal match date. Murdoch, O'Reilly, McKilligan, Byrne, Trialist, Clark, Trialist, McKEE, Smith, English, McGOLDRICK. (Stirling (D).)
Thistle were 2-up in 4 minutes thanks to McKee's cross deceiving everyone and McGoldrick courtesy of a defence splitting pass by O'Reilly. Inexplicably they let Meadowbank into it and lived dangerously. The lead was halved (78) and a fine save by Murdoch (90) avoided extra time.
12. Wed-03-Nov-1993 [a] L2-3 St Mirren (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 20/11/1993. Murdoch, Law, Stirling (J), Collins, O'Reilly, Clark, McKilligan, SMITH, SHAW, Stirling (D), McGoldrick. (Sharkie.)
McKilligan sprang the off-side trap to cross for Shaw to put Thistle 1-up but Saints got into gear and scored 18 and 29. A low header by Smith made it 2-2 at half-time. A shot off the bar resulted in the rebound being fired home. Thistle made a number of chances but to no avail.
13. Mon-15-Nov-1993 [h] W3-2 Ayr United (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 27/11/1993. Murdoch, Byrne, McKilligan, Clark, TIERNEY, Wood, McGOLDRICK, Smith, English, TRIALIST, Trialist. (Docherty, O'Reilly.)
McGoldrick drove forward, rounded the keeper and scored (2). A cross by English was touched in by trialist No 10 (31). A woeful pass-back by Byrne led to a goal (32) then a few minutes later it was 2-2 but Tierney scored from 25 yards (43). A catalogue of glaring missed followed after half-time.
14. Mon-22-Nov-1993 [h] W3-1 Alloa Athletic (Scottish Reserve League Cup 3rd Round)
MP 4/12/1993. Murdoch, Byrne, McKilligan, Trialist, Tierney, CLARK, McGOLDRICK, Smith, English, Wood, TRIALIST. (Trialist, O'Reilly.)
Smith chested the ball down and Clark picked his spot then he hit the post from 25 yards. Poor defending at a corner made it 1-1 then trialist No 11 floated a curler in just on half-time. The 2nd half saw Wood's effort brilliantly cleared off the line but McGoldrick stroked the ball home (87).
15. Mon-10-Jan-1994 [a] D1-1 Rangers (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 22/1/1994. Murdoch, Law, Stirling (J), McKilligan, Clark, Wood, McGoldrick, Smith, Grant, Docherty, ENGLISH.) (O'Reilly.)
The planned and unplanned winter break meant ring-rusty selections. There were few chances made or taken until Rangers went ahead from a Law og just before half-time. English was their main threat and he hit the bar twice but he rode a couple of tackles and slotted home (80).
16. Mon-17-Jan-1994 [h] L1-2 Aberdeen (Scottish Reserve League Cup Quarter Final)
MP 29/1/1994. Murdoch, McKilligan, Law, Clark, O'Reilly, Wood, McGoldrick, Smith, Trialist, Stirling (D), ENGLISH. ( Docherty.)
A speculative effort slipped under Murdoch for 1-0 (17). Thistle enjoyed a good spell but fell further behind (53). English finished off a McGoldrick cross soon after however and they were slightly unlucky to lose to a team with a number of 1st XI players playing.
17. Mon-31-Jan-1994 [a] L1-2 St Mirren (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 26/2/1994. DOCHERTY. Line-up as yet unsourced.
Thistle enjoyed a decent first half but without scoring then Saints took the lead soon after the break. Docherty ran 40 yards and fired home strongly for 1-1 (72) but the price for several missed chances came late on in the shape of the winner.
18. Tue-08-Feb-1994 [h] W1-0 Rangers (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 26/2/1994. Murdoch, McKee, McKilligan, O'Reilly, Tierney, Byrne, Smith, Trialist, Gibson, Trialist, HENDERSON. (Wood.)
Over 2,000 saw Thistle dominate a Rangers team worth over £12m and thoroughly deserve their win. Some excellent play produced a number of chances then debutant Henderson accepted a 50-yard pass by O'Reilly via Gibson to slot home (60). Cue loud applause!
19. ?Tue-01-Mar-1994 [a] D2-2 Ayr United (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 26/3/1994. Nominal date. WOOD, GIBSON. Line-up as yet unsourced. Line-up also included English, Murdoch.
An exciting game on a frost-bound pitch. Poor defending at a free-kick put Ayr ahead but equally poor defending let in Wood for 1-1 at half-time. Gibson scored off the bar but soon it was 2-2. A red card for a professional foul gave Thistle a penalty but Gibson's effort was well saved.
20. Thu-10-Mar-1994 [a] W3-0 Clydebank (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 26/3/1994. GIBSON, DIAMOND, STIRLING (D) (pen). Line-up as yet unsourced. Line-up also included Docherty, McGoldrick (sub), Henderson.
Gibson turned 180 degrees and fired home the opener. Diamond increased the lead (39) - deservedly so. Budd was hardly involved after half-time as Thistle enjoyed good spells then when Gibson was fouled and the defender was red-carded, Stirling scored from the spot.
21. Mon-21-Mar-1994 [a] L0-1 Queen's Park (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 29/3/1994. Line-up as yet unsourced. Line-up included a trialist goalkeeper, Gibson, Tierney.
A poor show against bottom of the league Queens. Thistle had a few chances in the first half but the trialist keeper was the busier. The winner came from a corner that wasn't cleared properly. Gibson rounded the keeper but lost his footing then Tierney's effort was cleared off the line.
22. Tue-22-Mar-1994 [a] W1-0 Kilmarnock (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 19/4/1994. Murdoch, McKee, Wood, O'Reilly, Clark, Taylor, McGoldrick, Smith, Gibson, Docherty, Barnes. (HENDERSON, Stirling (J).
A fine move saw Barnes hit the post early on and it remained goalless at half-time. With the wind Kilmarnock were on top but without troubling Murdoch unduly. Thistle had fewer chances but looked the more dangerous and finally Henderson volleyed home a Gibson cross (75).
23. Thu-14-Apr-1994 [h] W3-2 Dumbarton (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 26/4/1994. SMITH, BARNES, DOCHERTY. Line-up as yet unsourced. Line-up also included Arthur, Milne, Gibson, McKee.
Dumbarton took an early lead but Smith made it 1-1 from a difficult angle. Barnes put Thistle ahead soon after then Docherty headed home for 3-1 at half-time. A brilliant 30-yard strike gave Dumbarton some consolation, beating Arthur all ends up.
24. Mon-18-Apr-1994 [a] L0-2 Dumbarton (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 26/4/1994. Line-up as yet unsourced.
A youthful side was left short in midfield owing to late call-offs and poor defending twice led to Dumbarton scoring. Thistle's best chance was controversial when Gibson, clear through, was denied by the keeper handling outside the box but no red card appeared.
25. Thu-21-Apr-1994 [h] W2-0 Queen's Park (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 30/4/1994. SMITH, HENDERSON. Line-up as yet unsourced.
Scrappy at first, Thistle soon settled thanks to fine play by Smith in midfield. His shot from 15 yards was judged to have crossed the line (23). Good goalkeeping and poor finishing kept the score at 1-0 until Henderson raced through to score late on.
26. ?Wed-27-Apr-1994 [h] L0-1 Kilmarnock (Scottish Reserve League)
HA. Nominal match date, score unverified, line-up as yet unsourced. SFHA tabulates Thistle as P24 W13 D3 L8 F45 A31. Comparing that to our 23 known results suggests that the Kilmarnock game was lost, but simultaneously suggests that no goals were scored for either team in the match! Worth noting that if the Killie game was 0-0 then Thistle would have won the League on goal difference, but that can't be true as it was Rangers who advanced to the title play-off final. We've appointed a nominal 0-1 loss as the best educated guess and shall endeavour to confirm the scoreline at some stage.
27. Tue-03-May-1994 [h] W1-0 Clydebank (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 14/5/1994. HENDERSON. Line-up as yet unsourced.
Inspired goalkeeping by Murdoch, including saving a penalty, denied Clydebank the opener their play deserved. Henderson squeezed home a Wood cross (48). Thistle had to be content with one goal, indeed, more fine saves by Murdoch protected the slender lead.
28. Thu-05-May-1994 [h] W6-1 Dumbarton (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 14/5/1994. SMITH, HENDERSON, STIRLING (J) (2), McLACHLAN, GIBSON. Line-up included Budd.
Smith fired home a Henderson cross but Dumbarton equalised by half-time. One-way traffic followed. Henderson stabbed home a rebound off a post, Stirling scored twice within 2 minutes from coming on, McLachlan finished off a Diamond pass and Gibson made it 6 (88).
29. Mon-09-May-1994 [h] W2-1 Morton (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 14/5/1994. GIBSON (2). Line-up as yet unsourced.
A free-kick was touched to Gibson who rifled home from 20 yards (14). Budd had some fine saves but he was beaten by slack defending for 1-1. Diamond's cross was headed in by Gibson (57) then more good goalkeeping by Budd protected the lead until the end.
30. ?day-dd-mmm-yyyy [?] W5-3 Morton (Scottish Reserve League)
HA. Date uncertain. Line-up, and scorers as yet unsourced.
1993-94 Reserves summary notes

P30 W17 D4 L9 (1.833 ppg)

Historical PT Reserves average: 1.462 ppg (@ 22-Aug-2023)
  • The points-per-game measurements (ppg) above are calculated on the same principle as the first-team's all games category, and are based on 1 point for a draw and 3 points for a win across all eras.
  • Final League Position: 3rd of 9, 29/48 pts, 1 point behind Rangers and 2nd equal with St Mirren on points but with an inferior goal difference of 1 (+15/+14.).
  • Season 1993/94 saw the Scottish Reserve League split into two sections (“A” and “B” ) both comprising 9 teams and playing each other three times. Rangers and Celtic were not in the same section. It may just have been the “luck of the draw” but the cynics would say it was deliberately engineered to guarantee an Old Firm 'play-off' for the Championship. It did so - Rangers beating Celtic 3-0 in the play-off final.

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