Partick Thistle Reserves Season 1992-93
PTFC Kit 1992-93
1992-93 (Reserves)
The 118th season of Partick Thistle F.C.
scorers in CAPS • used subs in brackets
1. Sun-26-Jul-1992 [a] W2-1 Clydebank (Friendly)
MP 5/8/1992. Murdoch, Farningham, Duncan, O'Reilly, Peebles, McLaughlin, Annand, SMITH, HYDE, English, Kinnaird.
Competitive in patches but scrappy. Smith ran through to put Thistle 1-up but confusion in defence led to an equaliser but an unchallenged header by Hyde earned the win.
2. Mon-27-Jul-1992 [a] L1-2 Pollok (Friendly)
MP 5/8/1992. Budd, Farningham, Duncan, O'Reilly, Peebles, McLaughlin, English, Annand, McWALTER, McGlashan, Smith. (Harvie, Robertson.)
Pollok looked fitter and more eager for this match and it was no surprise when they took a 2-goal lead, the second from a parried free-kick by Budd. McWalter scored via the crossbar and a fine save by Ex-JAG Lowrie denied Thistle an equaliser.
3. ?Tue-28-Jul-1992 [a] D1-1 Vale of Clyde (Friendly)
MP 11/8/1992. Nominal match date. Murdoch, Duncan, O'Reilly, Fleeting, Harvie, Smith, Robertson, McWalter, Annand, Stirling, ENGLISH. (Fleck, Trialist.)
A dour match with little to enthuse over. The first half saw Murdoch make a fine save early on and English converted a McWalter cross just on half-time. Vale equalised with a header from a corner taken by ex-JAG Donnelly (46).
4. ?Thu-30-Jul-1992 [a] L0-3 Armadale Thistle (Friendly)
MP 11/8/1992. Nominal match date. Murdoch, Duncan, Harvie, O'Reilly, McLaughlin, Trialist, Johnston, Smith, Magee, Shaw, English.
Thistle started brightly but poor defensive play resulted in gifting Armadale a 3-goal lead at half-time. A better second half saw Johnston hit the bar but the last laugh went to Budd (farmed out for the season) with a string of good saves then saving a McLaughlin penalty (90).
5. Sat-01-Aug-1992 [a] W1-0 Airdrieonians (Premier Reserve League)
MP 11/8/1992. Murdoch, Smith, O'Reilly, McLaughlin, Harvie, Docherty, Johnston, Trialist, Magee, ENGLISH, Annand. (Stirling, Robertson.)
Both teams played some good football in a goalless first half. English was particularly impressive and he scored the only goal on the hour mark from a knock-down by Johnston. It was a case of defending Airdrie's persistent pressure after that and hold on to the points.
6. Sat-08-Aug-1992 [h] W3-0 St Johnstone (Premier Reserve League)
MP 22/8/1992. Murdoch, Duncan, Harvie, O'REILLY, McLaughlin, Smith, JOHNSTON, Trialist, Magee, Shaw, ENGLISH. (Annand.)
A 25-yarder by McLaughlin was parried and Johnston netted the loose ball. A goalmouth scramble saw O'Reilly fire home from 6 yards after half-time. A fine run and cross by Harvie was finished off by English for an easy win.
7. Sat-15-Aug-1992 [h] W3-2 Heart of Midlothian (Premier Reserve League)
MP 22/8/1992. Murdoch, Duncan, Harvie, O'Reilly, Chisholm, Stirling, Peebles, Johnston, Annand, McWALTER (3), English. (Smith, Fleck.)
A poor first half saw Hearts take the lead but McWalter scored before half-time. He made it 2-1 shortly after the break as Thistle improved then he latched on to a 60-yard pass by O'Reilly, beat two defenders and volleyed home for his hat-trick. Hearts consolation came in the last minute.
8. Sat-22-Aug-1992 [a] D3-3 Motherwell (Premier Reserve League)
MP 29/8/1992. Murdoch, Smith, Harvie, O'Reilly, TRIALIST, Johnston, Duncan, Trialist, English, McGLASHAN, Annand. (MAGEE, Stirling.) Trialist No 5 was Albert Craig.
Motherwell were sitting (deservedly) 3-0 up on the hour mark but substitutions made for more urgency and trialist No 8 set up McGlashan for 3-1. Magee reduced the lead further then Stirling's header hit the post (85) but trialist No 4 powered a header for a fine comeback (90).
9. Mon-24-Aug-1992 [a] W2-1 Stirling Albion (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 29/8/1992. Budd, O'Reilly, Duncan, Trialist, Botterill, Kinnaird, Robertson, Annand, McWALTER, McGLASHAN, Magee. (Fleck, Docherty.)
Stirling opened the stronger and a fine Budd save kept things level. McGlashan chipped the keeper from 22 yards (13). Poor defending let in Albion to level to finish off a spell of pressure. McWalter fired home an O'Reilly through ball for the winner.
10. Sat-29-Aug-1992 [a] W3-0 Dundee (Premier Reserve League)
MP 12/9/1992. Murdoch, Duncan, Magee, Trialist, Trialist, O'Reilly, JOHNSTON, Annand, English, McGLASHAN, McWALTER.
Goals by Johnston then McGlashan put Thistle 2-up then Dundee had their best spell. A magnificent save by Murdoch kept it a t 2-0. McWalter made sure with a third goal but it was always comfortable.
11. Sat-05-Sep-1992 [h] L2-5 Falkirk (Premier Reserve League)
MP 12/9/1992. Murdoch, Duncan, Magee, O'Reilly, Trialist, CRAIG (2), Kinnaird, McWalter, McGlashan, Johnston, English. (Smith, Annand.)
4-down in 25 minutes to tremendous goals (three of them from 25 yards) rocked Thistle but a Craig goal just before half-time offered some hope. It was one-way traffic but Thistle couldn't find the net until Craig scored again. The fightback stalled and another spectacular strike finished Thistle off.
12. Mon-07-Sep-1992 [h] D1-1 Morton (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 12/9/1992. Murdoch, Docherty, Craig, O'Reilly, Trialist, Johnston, Kinnaird, Annand, McGlashan, McWalter, ENGLISH. (Smith, Fleck.) Played at Scotstoun Showground.
The Morton keeper ex-JAG Graham failed to appear but the outfield player in goals was seldom in trouble. Poor finishing, the stand-in keeper and the woodwork denied Thistle. A deflected 25-yard free-kick beat Murdoch (67) but English scored close in. It should have been emphatic.
13. Sat-12-Sep-1992 [a] D2-2 Rangers (Premier Reserve League)
MP 3/10/1992. Murdoch, Trialist, Magee, Trialist, McLaughlin, Duncan, McWalter, Smith, English, McGLASHAN (2), Annand.
McGlashan scored twice (16 & 32) and one-way traffic followed. Good goalkeeping, bar and post prevented a bigger margin. Murdoch was beaten by a free-kick (80) then a dubious penalty (tumble in the box, 90+3) gave Rangers a point they never looked like getting.
14. Sun-13-Sep-1992 [a] L2-3 Ayr United (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 17/10/1992. Murdoch, Trialist, McLaughlin, Peebles, Trialist, Johnston, McWalter, Craig, McGLASHAN, Annand, ENGLISH. (Duncan, Magee.)
McGlashan was pulled down and hit the post with his penalty (12) but he scored soon after. English scored just before half-time, the 2-0 lead reflecting Thistle's play. The wheels fell off in the second half and Ayr scored three times and deserved their win.
15. Sat-19-Sep-1992 [h] L0-2 Aberdeen (Premier Reserve League)
MP 3/10/1992. Murdoch, Trialist, Magee, Johnston, Peebles, McLaughlin, Smith, English, Annand, Craig, Kinnaird.
Good goalkeeping denied English the opener and then he hit the post. Aberdeen scored on half-time against the run of play. Craig's header produced a magnificent save then a 25-yard chip over the keeper secured the points.
16. Sun-20-Sep-1992 [a] L0-2 Clydebank (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 17/10/1992. Murdoch, Duncan, Magee, Smith, O'Reilly, Fleeting, Trialist, Trialist, McWalter, Annand, English. (Botterill, Docherty.)
Two young sides produced an interesting game but there were few chances going. Trialist No 8 missed the best chance just after the break but Clydebank scored the goals and took the points.
17. Sat-26-Sep-1992 [h] L1-2 Celtic (Premier Reserve League)
MP 3/10/1992. Budd, Smith, Harvie, O'Reilly, Duncan, Trialist, JOHNSTON, McWalter, Magee, Annand, English.
Neither side could get on top in a goalless first half. Budd had some outstanding saves. Celtic took the lead just after half-time and doubled it near the end before Johnston scored with a few minutes remaining.
Mon-28-Sep-1992 [a] A4-0 Albion Rovers (Scottish Reserve League - abandoned)
MP 17/10/1992. Abandoned due to floodlight failure, with Thistle winning 4-0.
18. Tue-29-Sep-1992 [a] D3-3 Albion Rovers (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 17/10/1992. Budd, Duncan, Magee, Clark, Smith, Crowe, Docherty, Peebles, STIRLING (2), English, ROBERTSON. (Botterill, Fleck.) Originally abandoned with Thistle winning 4-0 (floodlight failure).
Robertson opened the scoring with a stunning 25-yarder but Crowe was penalised for a foul and a penalty made it 1-1. Rovers made it 2-1 then 3-1 before Stirling scored twice to earn a point.
19. Sat-03-Oct-1992 [a] L1-3 Hibernian (Premier Reserve League)
MP 31/10/1982. JOHNSTON. Line-up as yet unsourced. Crowe sent off.
20. Mon-05-Oct-1992 [h] L1-2 Rangers (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 31/10/1982. FLECK. Line-up as yet unsourced. (Played at Ardrossan Winton Rovers FC.)
21. Sat-10-Oct-1992 [h] L1-2 Airdrieonians (Premier Reserve League)
MP 31/10/1982. ENGLISH. Line-up as yet unsourced. Clark sent off.
22. Tue-13-Oct-1992 [a] D1-1 Stenhousemuir (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 31/10/1982. McWALTER. Line-up as yet unsourced.
23. Sat-17-Oct-1992 [a] L2-4 St Johnstone (Premier Reserve League)
MP 31/10/1982. ANNAND (2 -1 pen). Line-up as yet unsourced.
24. Mon-19-Oct-1992 [h] D1-1 Clyde (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 31/10/1982. CHISHOLM. Line-up as yet unsourced.
25. Sat-24-Oct-1992 [h] D2-2 Dundee (Premier Reserve League)
MP 31/10/1982. O'REILLY, ENGLISH. Line-up as yet unsourced.
O'Reilly scored with a tremendous shot from distance but Dundee equalised. English put Thistle ahead again but a last-minute goal earned a point.
26. Sun-25-Oct-1992 [a] W2-1 East Stirlingshire (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 10/11/1992. Budd, Duncan, HARVIE, Clark, Crowe, McLaughlin, Johnston, Peebles, MAGEE, English, McGlashan.
Thistle just couldn't find the net thanks to some fine goalkeeping then Shire took the lead just after half-time. The pattern was established again but this time English had a shot parried and Magee scored with the rebound. Late on Harvie pounced on a loose ball for the winner. Easy win made difficult.
27. Sat-31-Oct-1992 [a] W6-2 Falkirk (Premier Reserve League)
MP 10/11/1992. Murdoch, O'Reilly, McLAUGHLIN, Clark, Crowe, Duncan, Johnston, Smith, MAGEE, ENGLISH (3), McWALTER (2). (Fleck, Harvie.)
Thistle cancelled out Falkirk's early lead through English and McWalter. They ran riot in the second half and English (2) and McWalter made it 5 then and a 30-yarder from McLaughlin finished things off.
28. Sat-07-Nov-1992 [h] D3-3 Motherwell (Premier Reserve League)
MP 21/11/1992. Nelson, O'Reilly, Magee, MURRAY, Peebles, Crowe, JOHNSTON, Trialist, McWALTER, English, Smith. (Duncan, Harvie.)
An early goal then a penalty put Motherwell two ahead. The second half saw Thistle play much better and Johnston and McWalter put things level. A fine move was finished off by Murray (72) but slack defending let in Motherwell for an equaliser. A fair point in the end.
29. Mon-09-Nov-1992 [a] W7-5 Kilmarnock (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 21/11/1992. Budd, O'Reilly, Harvie, JOHNSTON (2), Tierney, Crowe, Peebles, SMITH, McGLASHAN (4), Kinnaird, Magee. (Docherty, Robertson.)
Killie went ahead at a corner then McGlashan and Johnston scored but it was 2-2 at half-time. McGlashan scored (47) then a 25-yarder sneaked in for 3-3. McGlashan (4-3 and 5-3, Johnston (6-3), Killie (6-4), Smith (7-4), Killie 7-5) finished the scoring. Both keepers had some fine saves!
30. Sat-14-Nov-1992 [a] L1-4 Heart of Midlothian (Premier Reserve League)
MP 21/11/1992. Nelson, PEEBLES, Harvie, Johnston, Tierney, Crowe, Kinnaird, Smith, McGlashan, English, Magee. (Chisholm, O'Reilly.)
American Murray was refused permission to play by the SFA. Hearts scrambled a goal at a corner as did Peebles soon after. Poor defending after half-time let Hearts in three times as well as missing a host of chances. Hearts were far better on the day.
31. Tue-17-Nov-1992 [a] W2-1 Morton (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 5/12/1992. Budd, Botterill, Harvie, Johnston, Tierney, Crowe, Duncan, Smith, DOCHERTY, ENGLISH, Magee.
There were some chances going but the first half was even and goalless. Docherty headed in a Johnston cross. Man of the Match was Magee who ran riot and had a goal disallowed but he set up English for 2-0. Morton's consolation came late on.
32. Sat-21-Nov-1992 [a] W1-0 Aberdeen (Premier Reserve League)
MP 5/12/1992. Nelson, Duncan, Harvie, Chisholm, O'Reilly, Crowe, McWalter, Smith, McGLASHAN, English, Magee.
Thistle dominated virtually the whole match but the goal by McGlashan didn't come until 20 minutes from time. There were a number of impressive performances however.
33. Mon-30-Nov-1992 [h] W1-0 St Mirren (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 5/12/1992. Nelson, Duncan, Harvie, Clark, O'Reilly, Crowe, Peebles, Smith, Trialist, Chisholm, Magee. (STIRLING.) Played at Troon Juniors FC.
Peebles went close and it was the only real chance of the first half. Nelson had some fine saves as St Mirren took the game to Thistle after half-time but the only goal went to Thistle when Magee set up Stirling to round the keeper and score.
34. Sat-05-Dec-1992 [a] D1-1 Celtic (Premier Reserve League)
MP 9/1/1993. Line-up and scorer as yet unsourced.
35. Mon-07-Dec-1992 [h] L3-4 Stirling Albion (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 19/12/1992. Budd, BOTTERILL, Harvie, O'Reilly, Crowe, McLaughlin, Smith, Johnston, Magee, Stirling, McGLASHAN. (Fleck, Robertson.) (1 og.) Home fixture played away.
Botterill followed up a parried shot then McGlashan scored from close in. A dubious penalty made it 2-1 then Albion levelled with a deflected shot. They scored again (46) then an error by Budd made it 4-2. A Magee shot was turned in as an og. A triple save by Budd prevented more damage.
36. Sat-12-Dec-1992 [h] W4-1 Hibernian (Premier Reserve League)
MP 19/12/1992. Murdoch, Duncan, Harvie, Clark, Tierney, Annand, PEEBLES, Chisholm, MAGEE, McGLASHAN, ENGLISH. (Crowe, Stirling.)
A free-kick gave Hibs a half-time lead. Murdoch pulled a hamstring and Duncan went into goal. He was seldom troubled as Thistle dominated the second half. Once again Kevin "Mad Dog" Magee was the main threat. He scored along with McGlashan, English and Peebles.
37. Fri-18-Dec-1992 [a] L0-2 Airdrieonians (Premier Reserve League)
MP 2/1/1993. Budd, Peebles, Harvie, Clark, Tierney, Palin, Smith, Magee, Chisholm, Annand, McGlashan. (O'Reilly, Crowe.)
On a bitterly cold Friday night Thistle's good start faded and they went behind to a 22-yard strike. They went close when Magee beat several defenders but missed out trying to round the keeper. Thistle piled on the pressure but a weak pass-back let in Airdrie for 2-0.
38. Sat-26-Dec-1992 [h] D0-0 Heart of Midlothian (Premier Reserve League)
MP 9/1/1993. Budd, Duncan, Harvie, Clark, Tierney, Annand, Smith, Peebles, Kinnaird, McWalter, Stirling. (Docherty.)
An even first half saw chances for both teams but it was goalless at half-time. Sub Docherty made a big difference. He had a "goal" ruled out harshly for off-side. He also hit the bar with a header as Hearts defended desperately. They were glad to hear the final whistle.
39. Sat-02-Jan-1993 [a] L1-4 Motherwell (Premier Reserve League)
MP 9/1/1993. Murdoch, Duncan, Harvie, Clark, Tierney, Annand, Smith, Peebles, Kinnaird, McWalter, STIRLING. (Docherty.)
A good move was finished off by Stirling for the opener but Thistle lost their way and lost out to a good Motherwell side. Two goals either side of half-time showed why they were sitting near the top of the league. Despite the score Murdoch had a fine game.
40. Tue-05-Jan-1993 [h] D1-1 Rangers (Premier Reserve League)
MP 19/1/1993. Murdoch, Duncan, Crowe, Clark, Jamieson, Cameron, Peebles, Palin, KINNAIRD, McWalter, English. (Smith.)
Kinnaird finished off a fine combined move (33) for a half-time lead. Poor finishing robbed Thistle of building up a commanding lead. Rangers marked key play maker Palin out of the game and chances dried up. They scored from a free-kick off a post (86).
41. Thu-07-Jan-1993 [h] L2-4 Dumbarton (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 19/1/1993. Budd, Duncan, Harvie, Botterill, O'Reilly, Crowe, Annand, Palin, Trialist, DOCHERTY (2), Smith. (Stirling.)
A young Thistle team found themselves 4-down after 20 minutes thanks to poor positioning by Budd, slack marking, a suicidal pass across the goal area and lost possession. Docherty scored (75 and 84) but it was far too late.
42. Mon-18-Jan-1993 [h] D0-0 Ayr United (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 23/1/1993. Budd, O'Reilly, Harvie, Clark, Botterill, Crowe, Smith, Chisholm, McWalter, Trialist, Trialist. (Stirling, Docherty.) Home fixture played away.
This game quickly settled down to having the look of a 0-0 draw. Ayr had the best of the chances but Budd was in fine form. His excellent save (parried and kicked of the line by Clark) was as near as they got. There were too few chances for Thistle and a point was fair.
Sat-23-Jan-1993 [a] A0-0 Dundee (Premier Reserve League - abandoned)
MP 13/2/1993. Abandoned after 60 minutes due to snow, the score standing at 0-0.
43. Sat-30-Jan-1993 [h] L2-3 St Johnstone (Premier Reserve League)
MP 13/2/1993. Nelson, Farningham, Crowe, Clark, Jamieson, Duncan, Smith, Harvie, MAGEE (2), English, McWalter. (Stirling.)
Magee tapped in to finish a move by English. Saints scored twice for a half-time lead. Magee scored his second for 2-2. A draw looked likely until Crowe tried to shepherd a long ball back to Nelson but the forward nipped in to score.
44. Sun-31-Jan-1993 [a] W2-1 Clydebank (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 13/2/1993. Budd, Botterill, Harvie, Clark, Crowe, ANNAND, Smith, Palin, McWalter, Duncan, Trialist. (Stirling, DOCHERTY.)
Smith and McWalter combined to set up Annand for the opener. After half-time Budd (who had little to do) had a magnificent save to protect the lead but Bankies levelled from the resulting corner. Docherty finished off a Harvie cross and it proved to be the winner.
45. Sat-06-Feb-1993 [a] L0-2 Hibernian (Premier Reserve League)
MP 13/2/1993. Nelson, Smith, Duncan, Clark, Jamieson, English, Palin, Johnston, Magee, McWalter, McGlashan.
Thistle had difficulty dealing with Hibs' long-ball approach and they fell behind. Poor defensive work lead to 2-0 at half-time. The second half belonged to Thistle but nothing seemed to go right for them in front of goal. The game was lost in the first half.
46. Sat-13-Feb-1993 [a] L0-3 Dundee United (Premier Reserve League)
MP 13/3/1993. Line-up as yet unsourced.
47. Sun-14-Feb-1993 [a] D1-1 Rangers (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 13/3/1993. SMITH. Line-up as yet unsourced.
Thistle had the best of the first half but it was Rangers who went ahead. They applied the pressure after half-time and a last minute equaliser by Smith from a McGlashan cut-back was deserved on play.
48. Thu-18-Feb-1993 [a] L0-5 Clyde (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 13/3/1993. Line-up as yet unsourced.
49. Wed-24-Feb-1993 [h] W6-0 East Fife (Scottish Reserve League Cup 4th Round)
MP 13/3/1993. Murdoch, Duncan, McVicar, Smith, Tierney, Clark, Shaw, Johnston, McGLASHAN (3), McWALTER, ENGLISH (2). (Harvie, Magee.)
English gave Thistle a 1-goal lead at half-time but most of the action came after the break with a splendid display. McGlashan completed his hat-trick and McWalter and English got in on the act too. An easy win and not a flattering scoreline.
50. Wed-03-Mar-1993 [a] L0-2 Queen's Park (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 13/3/1993. Line-up as yet unsourced.
51. Sat-06-Mar-1993 [a] L0-3 Rangers (Premier Reserve League)
MP 13/3/1993. Line-up as yet unsourced.
52. Wed-10-Mar-1993 [h] L2-5 Rangers (Scottish Reserve League Cup Quarter Final)
MP 27/3/1993. ENGLISH, MAGEE. Line-up as yet unsourced.
Budd was left exposed for the opening goal but English replied soon after. Two goals before half-time made it a mountain to climb, and a fourth made it even steeper. A defensive error made it 5 before Magee waltzed past several defenders and scored from 18-yards.
53. ?Thu-11-Mar-1993 [a] L2-4 Dundee United (Premier Reserve League)
MP 27/3/1993. McWALTER, HARVIE. Nominal match date, line-up as yet unsourced.
Goals by McWalter and Harvie gave Thistle a shock 2-goal lead at half-time but they went on to lose 4 goals in 7 minutes - all from set pieces. They did recover to some extent but they couldn't reduce United's lead.
54. Sat-13-Mar-1993 [h] W3-2 Dundee United (Premier Reserve League)
MP 27/3/1993. McWALTER, HARVIE (2). Line-up as yet unsourced. Dundee United's first goal not reported.
McWalter gave Thistle the lead (30) then the highlights of the match came when Harvie volleyed in a slack clearance from 40 yards (35) then did the same from 35 yards (40). United scored late on but Thistle saw the game out.
55. Sun-21-Mar-1993 [h] D3-3 Kilmarnock (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 10/4/1993. CROWE, SMITH, ANNAND. Line-up as yet unsourced. Home fixture played away.
Kilmarnock took a half-time lead but Crowe met a Magee corner and headed in for 1-1. Defensive mistakes put Killie 3-1 up but Shaw hit the bar before Smith powered home a Magee corner (85) then Annand touched in a wicked Magee cross for the draw.
56. Tue-23-Mar-1993 [h] W5-3 Celtic (Premier Reserve League)
MP 10/4//1993. Nelson, Trialist, Broddle, O'Reilly, McLaughlin, Clark, SHAW (2), Craig, McWalter, ENGLISH (2), Magee. (STIRLING, Smith.)
Shaw forced the ball home (3) then Nelson hit a clearance off a Celtic forward and it went in. English lobbed the keeper and scored again soon after. Craig and a Celtic player were sent off ("boxing") and a free-kick made it 3-2. Stirling and Shaw scored before a late consolation for Celtic.
57. Tue-30-Mar-1993 [a] D3-3 Dumbarton (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 10/4/1993. JOHNSTON, McKILLIGAN, TIERNEY. Line-up as yet unsourced.
Johnston gave Thistle the lead than Nelson was defeated by a header by his brother. McKilligan restored the lead just on half-time. The second half was minutes old when a free-kick made it 2-2. That was it until Tierney's header in added time but a McKilligan og restored parity (90+3).
58. Sat-03-Apr-1993 [h] L1-2 Falkirk (Premier Reserve League)
MP 10/4/1993. ANNAND. Line-up as yet unsourced.
Falkirk took the lead with a blatantly off-side goal. Future JAGS-Manager McCall doubled the lead then Annand made it 2-1 but the young Jags couldn't find a way back.
59. Mon-05-Apr-1993 [h] D2-2 Queen's Park (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 20/4/1993. Budd, Duncan, Broddle, Clark, Tierney, McLAUGHLIN (pen), McKilligan, Harvie, Annand, English, Magee. (SMITH.) Home fixture played away.
The pitch had loads of surface water but was deemed playable. A penalty for hand-ball put Thistle 1-up (McLaughlin). Foot firmly off the gas, Queens went 2-1 ahead but after half-time they had a man sent off. Thistle went all out and Harvie finally got the equaliser (78).
60. ?Wed-07-Apr-1993 [a] W2-1 Dundee (Premier Reserve League)
MP 20/4/1993. DOCHERTY, Crowe. Nominal match date. Line-up as yet unsourced. Previously abandoned 23/1/1993 (snow) after 60 minutes the score standing at 0-0.
61. ?Thu-08-Apr-1993 [a] L1-2 Hamilton Academical (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 20/4/1993. McWALTER. Nominal match date. Line-up as yet unsourced.
62. Wed-14-Apr-1993 [a] W3-1 St Mirren (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 4/5/1993 and PDE 16/4/1993. Nelson, McKilligan, Broddle, O'Reilly, Tierney, Clark, Smith, Johnston, ANNAND, Shaw, MAGEE (2). (Duncan, Harvie.)
Annand finished off a fine cross by Shaw for 1-0 (15). Magee dominated proceedings in the second half and he linked with Shaw twice to score twice. A late St Mirren strike made it look closer than it really was.
63. Thu-15-Apr-1993 [h] W3-1 Hamilton Academical (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 4/5/1993. SHAW (2), BRODDLE. Line-up as yet unsourced. Played at Shettleston Juniors FC.
Hamilton took the lead then Annand missed a penalty but Shaw forced home a Magee cross soon after. It remained 1-1 until Docherty set up shaw for his second (80) then Broddle's 25-yarder put the icing on the cake.
64. Sat-17-Apr-1993 [h] L2-3 Aberdeen (Premier Reserve League)
MP 4/5/1993. Nelson, Duncan, Harvie, Chisholm, Tierney, Crowe, Smith, O'Reilly, ANNAND (2)*, Shaw, Johnston. (Fleck, Robertson.) *APJ credits O'Reilly (2).
A poor first half display saw Aberdeen lead 2-0 at half-time. The second half was much improved for Thistle and two goals by Annand put things level. Aberdeen got the late winner and the Premier Reserve league campaign finished in defeat.
65. Mon-19-Apr-1993 [h] W4-0 East Stirlingshire (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 4/5/1993. SHAW, MAGEE, SMITH (2). Line-up as yet unsourced. Played at Cumbernauld Juniors FC.
Shaw got the scoring started against a poor Shire side. Magee had a quiet game by his standards of late - he only managed to set up goals for Smith (2) and Docherty.
66. Wed-28-Apr-1993 [h] L0-5 Stenhousemuir (Scottish Reserve League)
DR (advertised fixture) 28/4/1993. Line-up as yet unsourced.
67. Mon-03-May-1993 [h] L2-5 Albion Rovers (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 8/5/1993. Budd, Duncan, Harvie, Chisholm, Crowe, Clark, Smith, Johnston, ANNAND, ENGLISH, Docherty. (Stirling, Robertson.) Home fixture played away.
It was a case of missed chances while on top then an unchallenged header at a corner made it 1-0. Thistle were not in the game and it was 3-0 at half-time. Soon it was 4 then 5. A mini revival saw English then Annand (a 25-yarder) make it look more respectable.
1992-93 Reserves summary notes

P67 W21 D17 L29 (1.194 ppg)

Historical PT Reserves average: 1.462 ppg (@ 22-Aug-2023)
  • The points-per-game measurements (ppg) above are calculated on the same principle as the first-team's all games category, and are based on 1 point for a draw and 3 points for a win across all eras.
  • Competitive games which were abandoned (A) or voided (V) are listed for posterity but are excluded from the game count / stats summary.
  • Final League Positions: 9th of 12, 27/66 pts (Premier Reserve League); mid-table of 15, 27/56 pts (Scottish Reserve League).
  • A marathon season with 67 fixtures listed. The Premier Reserve League was 3 x 11 matches - home, away then either. The Scottish Reserve League fixtures show 2 x 14, played home and away. There were six other fixtures.

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